Worldwide File Collaboration

The digital age has allowed companies to spread far and wide across the globe, all while maintaining an ease of communication as if colleagues are only a department away. From instant messaging to file sharing, employees in China and Canada can seamlessly work together on one project. But, when multiple people are accessing and changing documents at the same time, it can get very confusing. There’s also potential latency with that many users accessing one file. So, software solutions have been evolved to combat these issues.

The best file replication software can remedy both the latency and multiple user problems seamlessly. The main issue for many companies is the crossing of lines, or multiple people accessing the file at the same time. It can be hard to instruct others when and when not to access a file, as others will be working on it. It can lead to forgetting the time blocks or losing track of time if you’re editing the file. Leading file replication software will lock a file when a user is ‘in’ the file. This removes the chance of someone editing the document concurrently, leaving you free of a time-consuming tangle of edits. Once the user is done, the newest version will be available within the vault which can be on a local server or the cloud, ready for the next user.

Past versions can also be stored in the online vault – creating a safety net in case a file corrupts or changes must be undone. This also provides a means of keeping track of changes over time, known as “versioning.”

Data latency is also a problem at the enterprise level, with many people at all corners of the earth pulling down files and requesting new ones. Leading software solutions will synchronize locally at each agent, which nearly eliminates any delay. With the ability to pull a file down quickly, you can also edit a document even if you have spotty Internet access.

If you are still collaborating on files via email, you could potentially be throwing away a tremendous amount of time. Emailing takes time, making changes while someone else is making the same edits is duplicative – there are a myriad of ways you can be draining resources by not using file replication software. Devote time to finding the best file replication software for you company’s needs so that you can start working smarter instead of harder.