Top 5 WordPress Themes For Small Business Websites

By | Mar 9, 2013

wordpress logo notext rgb 1 200x200 Top 5 WordPress Themes For Small Business WebsitesAs technology takes over every realm of our lives, one of the best and most effective ways to expand and grow your business is by taking it online. However, the buck doesn’t stop there. It is important to select a good Content Management System while you’re at it and that’s where WordPress steps in. What makes it so great for small business websites is that while giving you complete control over your website, it helps you save on time and money, as you needn’t run to a designer for every minor change or modification.

If I’d to list the benefits of WordPress for small businesses, the list could go on and on. To encapsulate, it provides you with a consistent and sorted website that you can manage from any computer in the world. You can integrate your social networking profiles seamlessly, while working on search engine optimisation simultaneously. One other factor that makes WordPress a favourite is the availability of innumerable themes that can help you attract more visitors to your website.


A well-chosen theme not only provides a boost to the company’s image but also helps increase the growth potential of your business. Here are the 5 best themes that I personally like, in no particular order though:

Envisioned Theme

One of the many reasons why I like this one is that it makes designing and organising posts so very simple. Despite being a dud when it comes to hardcore technical knowledge like that of PHP, I can create beautiful and complex layouts with simple short codes. Galleries, blog feeds, sitemaps and contact pages, everything can be tailor-made to meet the needs of your small business website.

Small Business

The name says it all here! Apt for small business websites, it is extremely simple and user-friendly. It helps you customise your website without any effort and helps display content clearly.

SmallBiz WordPress Theme

This one comes with an extremely responsive layout that works seamlessly on every mobile device. There are various customisable widgets such as email opt-in forms, image slide shows, appointment requests and others that you can add according to your requirement. A full-width header gives your website a professional look, where you can even add your brand logo.

Radius WordPress Theme

Terrifically clean and highly responsive – two words that sum up this theme for you. You can sort out your portfolios, filter them locally and access it from every mobile device. It provides a sleek display and a dropdown menu with easy and user-friendly navigation.

Leanbiz WordPress Theme

If you like practicality combined with class, you’d love this one. It comes with a straight-to-the-point layout allowing you to focus on the product or services you want to market. The other features include easy navigation with superb sliders.

SEO for small business is an important aspect and while WordPress is a very handy CMS tool for small business websites, it comes with some SEO issues. These include not having unique meta tags as most themes either don’t use them appropriately or don’t use these at all. Moreover, too many unimportant links on the homepage also impact SEO for small business. However, with the help of a plugin, such as a WordPress SEO plugin, you can easily take care of these issues.

If you are looking to make the most of the Internet through your website and are working with a limited budget, a WordPress theme is ideal for you. There are several kinds of these themes, which are available for free or come at a nominal cost. You could select any for your business and customise it accordingly. As your business picks up and the website generates traffic and revenue, it’s advisable to hire the services of an experienced developer. This would help you make your online presence even better and more valued. So, don’t wait any more. Select a theme that works for your small business website and you are set to go.


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