What We Really Hate About Windows 8

Microsoft has made valuable contributions to the technological revolution of this age and we are all grateful. Being the world’s largest software manufacturer is another reason that we are indebted to Microsoft, beyond that the growth of this virtual industry of continuous updates has brought about competitors upgraded with new designs and more appealing offers that had Microsoft running for back up.

Windows 8 is that back up, upgraded and redesigned however there are aspects of this operating system which customers like you may not be so thrilled about. This innovative operating system is welcomed and has a lot of positive additions that will keep their competitors in check.

Competition they say brings out the best and all of us must appreciate the truth of this statement, because as customers we reap the benefits of better functioning systems though we pay for it dearly too. The features of Windows 8 eight that fall short of the legendry brilliance of Microsoft will be listed below, so you have a balanced perspective before making your purchase.

The five things we hate about Windows 8.

• Invisible Start Button.
It’s really hard to say why Microsoft created an aero desktop with no or an invisible start button. This certainly makes navigating through your files, folders and programs difficult and even frustrating. Also something as basic as shutting down your PC has become a complicated issue because the shutdown button isn’t where it used to be and cannot be found easily. And even more confusing is the fact that it only seems to pop up, whenever your mouse is on the bottom of the right corner of the screen.
A lot of people I know using Windows 8, have expressed their unhappiness about this features that only seem to complicate simple things in Windows 7. You cannot move, browse and move files around using the file manager in the metro environs of Windows 8. Most customers though we cry for change in its absence, when confronted with too much of it, we complain. Maybe it’s the case here or not.

• No Free Upgrade.
This is one of the five things hated about Windows 8, which get people really talking. Not so long ago when you purchased a Windows vista PC, just when Window 7 was to be released, there was the assuring option of a free software upgrade, with Windows 8 it simply does not exist. If you happen to buy a Windows 7 computer before October 26, 2012, am sorry to say that you are stuck in the world of Windows 7.

• Scroll form Left to Right.
This new metro scrolling system of left to right, as opposed to up and down is another feature that we hate about Windows 8. It does not sit and operate well on desktop PCs as it would on a Smartphone. This leaves customer who have grown accustomed to scrolling from right to left confused.

• Charms Menu.
Again this feature is not suited for desktop PCs and is considered by many as a bad sub for the traditional start menu. And most settings on the Charms bar does not fit, this creates confusion which leads to anger which has to be swallowed by customers, who facing the stark truth that the Charms bar is here to stay.

Microsoft has done a tremendous job in creating Windows 8 and so it has lots to offer customers however there are some features that will not be welcomed with ecstatic open arms.

Most customers say that Windows XP or Windows 7 and Vista are the best operating systems created by Microsoft however I think that this opinion is rooted in their familiarity which is translated into comfort which is being taken away by Windows 8. Several upgrades and time are sure to address this defects that we hate about Windows 8 but till then you will just have to suck it up. Windows 8 is here and should be appreciated for its positives and well as its negatives, which creates a balance.

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