Are These Website Flaws Driving Your Customers Away?

If you have a business, your website will be an essential tool for promoting your goods and services to a wider audience. Whether you sell your products online or not, your website will create a professional web presence for your business and will often be the first impression that customers have when they find you. This is why it is so important to have a professional looking website for your business.

If your website is flawed, this can have a significantly detrimental effect on your business. A hard to use and frustrating website will turn customers away and cause you to lose a lot of potential buyers. Once these customers leave, there is a good chance that they will not come back again.

When it comes to business websites, there are a few common irritating features that annoy customers again and again. These flaws have the ability to doom your website, but they are easy to fix if you are aware of them. Here are some potential website irritants to look out for:

Erasing the Full Data Form Due to One Error

Your customer has spent five minutes filling out an entire form with all of their details and information, all ready to make a purchase on your website. However, they made one typo when filling out their email address and when submitting the form they are greeted with an error. Imagine their frustration when the entire form defaults back to empty and they have to fill in all of their information again.

Filling out data forms is annoying at best, so make sure that your system handles errors in an intelligent way. If your customer has to fill out the form more than a few times, they might just click away in frustration.

Music that Starts Automatically

Don’t do it. No matter how cool you think it is, or what kind of atmosphere you believe it creates, this is one of the number one web design annoyances. Perhaps your customer is trying to visit your website in a quiet place such as a library or a room while someone else is sleeping and they have the music turned up loud? Maybe they are online shopping in their cubicle when they are supposed to be working? Either way, no one wants to be scrambling to find the OFF button because their computer has just started blaring cheesy music.

Hidden Contact Info

Have you ever had to search through all pages of a company website in a futile quest to find their contact information, only to find a standard contact form and no email addresses or phone numbers? Your customers want to be able to contact you, so make sure that your contact information is clearly displayed. Also, never use email links that will automatically open an email in a program like Mail. Your customers will use their own email programs to email you and will be annoyed by these types of links.

Out of Date Content

When was the last time you updated your website? If your site is still advertising an upcoming sale in 2012, it’s time to give it a refresh. When your customer sees that it has been more than 6 months since you last updated your website, they might assume that your business is not currently operating.

The best way to keep your website stocked with fresh information is to have a blog and keep it regularly updated with news and updates about your business.

These are just a few of the most common website flaws that will annoy your customers and drive traffic away from your website, so make sure that you avoid them to create a strong web presence.