New Web designing trends

Now a days, trends of web designing are changing . It is important for every web designer to  move according to today’s scenario. In this article it is discussed about the latest web designing trends, which must be implemented in 2013.

web-designUniversal layouts: In the today’s world, internet surfing is not only done on computers. The evolution of other devices like mobile phones, tablets are now increasing day by day in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to develop such a layout of website which is compatible to all devices. In short, a universally valid web design is  necessary for every business.

Retina devices: The web design with the retina support is the newest trend in web designing. Most of the people use LCD system now a days. So, web designers must design the website by keeping this point or view in their mind.

Minimum content: The concept of less content is now  in trend. Today, web designing is related to focusing on the important or the key points. Keep the information on your web site minimum but must cover all the key points of your business.

Social Media Badges: Sharing on Social media  gives life to the content of your website and a web designer must include social media badges along with the content as this will help the users to share the content easily on social media websites.

Illustrations: Today, no one has the time to read each and every thing on the website which the user has opened. Therefore, you must give the detailed information in the form of illustrations so that the users can easily understand it. Designers are making use of simple drawings which the users can easily understand.

Vertical Scroll bar: The web designers must make the simple scrolling i.e. the scrolling must be in vertical direction only so that the user can easily view the site and navigate on it.

Animated Web Panels: Web panels which slide from left to right is the greatest trend in 2013. This can be done by using JS and jQuery.

Demo tours:  Designers are now developing demonstration tours in the form of image sliders. These sliders take the users to the core points of the website. It is a great way to create a great impact on the visitors.

Retro websites: This is now named as one page websites. These type of websites results in  better ROI as they convert the visitors into customers because the users get all the information from one page and hence respond quickly.



Following the above trends will make your website according to the latest trends prevailing in the market and increases the conversion rate.

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