3 Great Reasons To Use Video For Social Media Marketing

By | Feb 28, 2013

In an internet era where content marketing is the key to success and every brand is rapidly building its throne, it is very essential to develop winning strategies which will make your brand stand out from the rest. As an internet marketer and online business enthusiast, you would probably coil yourself in emptiness as you tirelessly look for newer and more effective marketing strategies. Relax! Have you tried video marketing? Did you know that you can get more out of Twitter than just working your way around 140 characters? Did you know that Facebook can also be transformed into a great video sharing platform to the benefit of your web presence? Well, keep reading.


Too much reading; Internet users want to view!

Such a subtitle no doubt describes it all. Internet users, people who you look up to as your potential customers, are tired of reading blog posts and frequent updates about products. The situation is particularly worse off when you cannot articulate your marketing strategies as required in your regular posts. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to give your Twitter followers and Facebook fans more than what they ask for; video content. In a recent online poll conducted by a leading internet marketer suggests that internet users are increasing becoming more enthusiastic about following video links as compared to others. This then means that using videos in your social media strategy puts you on a better position to reach to such users who are tired of reading posts all day. Videos give your followers an up close view of your promotional message or product endorsement message. Speaking of endorsements, imagine how internet users would react if you posted a video with a well-known person or celebrity endorsing your product? Instant sales, right? You be the judge!

Videos; No character restriction.

One of the ways to get more followers on Twitter is to uses the 140 character limit wisely. If you tweet with precision, be sure that your brand will be appreciated and followers will come your way naturally. However, there are times when you can’t precisely put across a certain message with just 140 characters which Twitter allows. There are also a host of other internet marketing channels which have the same restrictions. In such cases, use of video marketing comes in handy. All you need to do is produce a video with your intended message and post a link to your followers and fans which will redirect them to its online location. By doing this, you would have given internet users their preferred content type and perfectly spread your message. Such is the beauty of video marketing, there are no unnecessary restrictions barring it from working for the success of your brand.

YouTube is the king.

Video marketing has possibly become popular because of one network called YouTube. It is a platform which allows you to create a channel for your online brand and post as much videos as you want. As long as they are well optimized and labeled, you can trust YouTube to deliver the required views to take your brand on another level. The best thing about video marketing is that YouTube can work alongside other social networking channels. For instance, it is possible to increase YouTube views by posting the video link on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms that are supporting your social media strategy. Buy Twitter followers to increase your brand size and thereafter use it to promote your video marketing strategy.

Clearly, video marketing should never miss from your social media strategy.

Roman Sahakov is the owner of FollowersShop;Social Media Marketing Agency. He is a wise and dependable leader and a loving father and husband for his wife. He develops Twitter strategies and helps the customers to get more followers on twitter.

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