How to Get Started Using Google+ for Business

Google+ is the latest social media network and it has become the most important player in the internet marketing environment. With Google+ one can share the appropriate information with the right kind of people and can navigate across all of Google’s products like Google Docs, Gmail,  YouTube, Google Reader and more.

Google+ for business pages (G+BP) is the latest trend, Google+ which has become the rage among individuals has begun to get noticed even by businesses and many businesses have begun to add the Google+1 key (Google+’s equivalent of Facebook’s “Like”) on their social media accounts and web sites.

G+BP allows companies to build business pages and encourages them to enhance their network. It is fast becoming a challenge to Facebook’s supremacy of the social media world.  It is an all-in-one office taskmaster and communication device as it filters e-mail, hosts video conferences and collaborates with contemporaries.

Since the Google+ for business pages is bound to only one Google+ account as it cannot be reassigned, passed on or shared, extreme care should be taken while creating the page.  To make it easy for the consumer to conveniently create the business page Google has limited the outreach tools.

Google+ for business pages can be started by following these steps:

1. How to begin – Set up a Gmail account – Then create a personal profile using the real name and not the business name.  The profile should however reflect one’s business.  Next create a Google+ page.  Since the Google+ page will be the business page make sure to fill in all the essential information correctly.   To easily access “Pages” drag and place the “Pages” logo to the tool bar from the “More” icon on the left side of the home page.

Then you can click the “Create New Page” key on the top right side of the screen. Choose the type of one’s business. (Be careful while choosing the category as Google+ does not allow any changes later on.) Selecting the neighborhood industry or place will ensure that it appears in Google maps. If Google maps cannot locate the address, configure the information in the “Add your business to Google”.

2. Upload avatars – Customize the profile page by replacing the default picture in the profile page with one’s own photograph.  A photograph is better than business logos as this is a personal profile.  Use Google+ animation designs to upload more profile pictures.

3. Incorporate out of the ordinary information – One’s “about” page should be filled completely as Google will make use of the information in this page to help other people link to you. If the information has been filled out in the profile page, using Wordle verify one’s profile by copying all the information from the “about” page into the Wordle box.

4. Fill up one’s connections – Do look into the “other profiles” part when editing one’s “about” page. One should consider adding links to additional SMN, one’s business web sites and to unique pages on one’s web site.

5. Search for people of interest – Circle all people of interest by searching for people who share the same occupation, cause, interests, etc.  One can create one’s win circle or locate shared circles and import them.

6. Experiment with Google+ – Follow people, +1 their posts and add remarks or comments to the posts. Experiment with various other options like resharing to explicit circles, hangouts, the type of posts, etc.  Google+ can also be used for sharing photographs and videos.

So every business should join Google+ for business pages as the most important advantage of being a part of it is that it can improve the search engine ranking of your business.