Top Three Advantages To Using File Sharing Programs

By | Aug 24, 2013

share main full 300x200 Top Three Advantages To Using File Sharing ProgramsThere are many different reasons why people should utilize file sharing programs like R/Link by Rocket Software or Citrix.  These web-based programs allow people to share information for personal, or business purposes. You can upload documents to a common folder, share it with your friends, peers, or coworkers and give everyone the ability to collaborate with you on this document. These programs are shaping the business world in leaps and bounds. There is no longer the risk of sharing certain files with one person on your team and not another. You can add the files to the one folder that is shared with those particular people on your team, and then they have access to them forever, or until they are removed from the serve by you.  The three top advantages to using file sharing programs are that you can work with the files from any location, you can manage a group of people on one project, and you can streamline the workflow of a team.


Work From Any Location You Please

Due to the fact that there are file sharing programs on the market, this enables you and your team to work from absolutely anywhere you need to. This is a web-based program that you can access from anywhere that there is an Internet connection. You can be anywhere in the world: Paris to New York City, or Rome to Boston, it does not matter. This is a great feature because there have previously been so many times where valuable meetings were canceled due to the fact that certain key players could not attend the meeting. This typically results in the project getting pushed back and the team suffering because of it. This no longer has to be the case. Now you can keep pushing forward through these complicated times due to the fact that you can collaborate on the files directly from the site. Then everyone else that the file is shared with can see the edits that have been made immediately.  No more delayed projects. No more stress over trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules in order to make a deadline.


Manage A Group Of People From One Place

Managing a group of people from one remote location can be difficult, especially if the team is located at different branches, or in different countries. Therefore, the use of a tool like this is increasingly valuable. As a manager, you no longer have to wonder if you shared all of the necessary files with everyone on the team. You can simply upload all of the documents to one location in your folder, and then share it with everyone on the team. Now everyone has access to all of the files, at all times!

Streamline The Workflow Of Your Team

With a great file sharing program, you can streamline the workflow of your team by simply uploading the project documents to a folder. This enables everyone on the team to make edits as needed. No more passing back emails and wondering which file is the fully edited file. Now the final file save is always the most up to date version of that one file.


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