Top 4 Uses for QR Codes Besides Marketing Campaigns

By | Jan 16, 2013

220px Qr 4.svg  Top 4 Uses for QR Codes Besides Marketing CampaignsQR code technology has come a long way. As we further develop new ways to scan and decode them, QR codes are used to store increasingly larger amounts of information. As a result, QR codes are no longer simple marketing tools. Gone are the days when all you could embed in a QR code was a link to a website. Modern smartphone apps can decode a large variety of information and as a result, QR code technology is being adopted by various industries and business sectors. Here are just 4 of the top uses of QR code technology, besides marketing.

1. Shipping and logistics

The shipping and logistics sector has always depended upon bar code technology to keep a track of good and items being shipped. RFID systems can be used, but the cost of implementing a RFID system for shipping and logistics purposes renders it impractical. While bar code technology has worked fine for decades, shipping companies are looking to replace the existing bar code scanning system with QR code technology. A bar code can hold a very small amount of information and doesn’t do much besides providing the very basic details. By contrast, QR codes hold a lot more information and can provide all the necessary details, besides the usual tracking function. Unlike bar codes, shipping and logistics companies can generate their own QR codes, which help save a lot of time, effort and money.


2. Medical

Medical bracelets are worn by individuals suffering from certain medical conditions or allergies that people should know about in case of an emergency. Many companies are looking to integrate QR codes into medical bracelets. The limited amount of space on a medical bracelet means only a small amount of information can be engraved on it. However, a QR code that is printed on the bracelet can provide a lot more information. The QR code can be read by any individual with a smartphone and can help provide life-saving information. For example, while a regular bracelet can only inform about an allergy, a QR code can also provide a detailed list on any medications that the individual is on.

3. Sharing information

Any technology that enables information to be shared easily is bound to be a great success. It is not surprising then that QR code technology has come to be so widely adopted. QR code apps on smartphones are slowly replacing the old-fashioned paper business card. The virtual business card that a QR code generates can include any kind of contact information that you wish to embed, including multiple email ids and social media profiles.

4. Security

Sometimes, companies end up spending a lot on security even though there is no need for such high levels of protection. In order to reduce costs, businesses have been experimenting with the use of QR codes for security purposes. The most common procedure involves sending a QR code to a user’s smartphone that acts as a one-time passcode; once the QR code is scanned, it cannot be used again. Cinemas and sports venues are experimenting with QR code technology to provide virtual tickets that cannot be duplicated or forwarded to another device, thus eliminating the chances of illegal touting.

These are only 4 of the many possible uses of QR code technology. As we improve QR code scanning technology, we can expect QR codes to be everywhere around us, accomplishing a number of tasks and not just acting as marketing tools.

This guest post is written by Mathew Ronalds who tries to find the use of latest technology in various fields. He is working with the team at to help integrate the use of QR codes and show its importance to various businesses.

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