Top 15 Drupal 7 Modules That Command Your Attention

By | Nov 11, 2013

Drupal has launched several modules that make the task of building feature-packed websites seamless. With Drupal 7, it has taken a giant stride in Drupal development modules that have high usability and promote active development of websites. Here are the best of Drupal 7 modules:

MollomMollom Top 15 Drupal 7 Modules That Command Your Attention

Mollom leverages avant-garde technology to filter spam, that otherwise harm your website by giving access to malicious offenders. The perceptive technique of pattern recognition that Mollom uses helps it in identifying threats and effectively monitoring content.

WYSIWYGWYSIWYG Logo by Eibach 640x290 Top 15 Drupal 7 Modules That Command Your Attention

Adding content on the site sometimes gets complicated with a layer of processes to perform, but with WYSIWYG, adding content is a walk in the park, literally so. And it hardly matters what content editor your client has installed, its compatibility is proven with various editors.


Tokens can be viewed as your signature, or anything you want to add to each mail being sent out by your website. You can make a provision for adding user name automatically with each email. You don’t need to delve into the intricate world of PHP codes, only adding simple snippets of text to the document will serve the purpose.

Global Redirect

An SEO based module, Global Redirect is resourceful for verifying the trails for aliases, and perform 301 on URLs to determine if it is being used or not. It also compares the current URL to the site_frontpage. Global Redirect thus enables a Drupal programmer to facilitate a clean URL for use and the URL set by admin is what is accessed at the user’s end.

SOAP Server

If you ask your clients what would be one of the first controls they wish they had with a website, something with which they face one too many challenges currently, is being connected to the Services module. SOAP Server caters exactly to those requirements and more by establishing WSDL that segregates requests based on several parameters.

XML sitemap

This also happens to be one of the most important Drupal 7 modules, as XML Sitemap makes sure any new pages added on the site is promptly indexed by search engines. Facilitating more ease of crawl on your website to search engines, you are making sure that more and more users find your site on the Internet.

Captcha + Recaptcha

Like Mollom, Captcha also filters spam, and it performs this function on contact forms. reCaptcha is a reengineered for of Captcha that apparently irons out all the drawbacks with Captcha and serves to be a more reliable tool.

IMCE Wysiwyg

This one is an extension of WYSIWYG and efficiently combines the functionalities of IMCE to that of Wysiwyg API module. For those who utilize IMCE for their site, this module process to be a great aid, particularly for Drupal programmers.


There has been no end of complaints when to comes to file management in Drupal. Media has been created as an answer to those complaints specifically. Media boasts of a framework that facilitates management of large multimedia files and documents with ease with functions like drag and drop. Remote linking is also possible with Media.

Google Analytics

Arguably one of the most used analytics module for websites, Google Analytics outlasts its competitors by the sheer reliability and the comprehensiveness of insight it provides to the website manager. Content views, line tracking, demographic, real time views, among others count amongst the most important functions of Google Analytics.


It is quite a pain when you do not have the freedom to create pages that can be customized the way you want them to be. This is what prompted Drupal to come up with Panels, a tool which paves way for easy customizations. You can seamlessly manage pages in terms of adjusting slideshows and different columns for the articles to appear below.

RESTful Web Services

Another great module by Drupal 7, RESTful Web Services stays true to its name by ensuring absolute compliance to the REST standards. The various aspects and parameters of a website like comments or the users itself are given their own resource identifications.

Menu Block

As the name suggests, Menu Block paves for designing a menu with well defined levels. Drupal 7 has made sure that you can now create a configurable menu where you have the liberty of choosing your own levels to start with.

Open Atrium

There is a great level of reverence for this module, as it has given nuclear teams a lot of space to breathe and perform in a more organizing way. A separate workspace is accompanied with internal wiki, calendar, dashboard and more make sure that the tasks are performed with elevated levels of improved management.

Menu Breadcrumb

Drupal 7 had launched this tool for administrators who often fine nested URLs on the primary menu of their sites. The breadcrumbs provided by it are fuss-free and easily manageable.

A number of these modules were not present in the earlier Drupal versions, while the rest of them are hugely improved replacements of the old ones. Each of these new Drupal 7 modules has its set of pros, though your website may be requiring only a select few. Choose wisely.

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