3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Guest Post Blogger

By | Feb 25, 2013

blog 200x200 3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Guest Post BloggerOne of the best ways to get more traffic to your site and give you a break from writing posts on your blog is to find guest bloggers who are willing to write for your site. For some people though, this can be an intimidating undertaking. They do not know how to contact prospective guest bloggers, what to say, or how to make them say yes especially if they do not know you. In this article we will share 3 tips to finding the perfect guest post blogger.

Look at the commenters on your posts

Sometimes the best people for the job are the ones who leave comments on your posts. You want to find related bloggers and most people who post comments leave their own website address for a backlink and for others to go check out their site so they will most often be interested in working with you. Look for those especially have commented more than once as they are the ones who truly enjoy your site and agree with what you are posting about. You could just send them a quick email telling them who you are and asking them if they would be interested in writing their own piece for your site with a author bio to promote their own site.

Find related bloggers on forums

Most small business owners have joined at least one forum over their time online. Many make it a daily routine to go and check in to see what everyone else is talking about and how they can help out with the knowledge they have. These are the types of guest bloggers you are looking for. You want to find someone who is in a related niche or is compatible with your content and can share on a topic that your readers would really like to learn about. You can usually tell what type of niche these members are in based on their signature links or how they answer the questions posed in the forum. You can send them a private message on the forum explaining what you would like to know and give them your direct email to get back to if they are interested in talking more.

Give them as much help as possible

Once you have a guest blogger who is interested in writing for your site, you can offer them a list of questions they could answer to make it easier to come up with content for them to write. For example:If you have a work at home mommy blog and one of your guest bloggers is a work at home mom, you could ask her simple questions like:
when does she find the time to work with her children and other responsibilities
how long has she been doing it
what does she like best about it
did she have formal training or teach herself what she needed to know as she went along

You could ask more questions but these give you an idea of the types of questions you could ask. This idea works well enough for any niche you may be working in. Some guest bloggers find this is much easier because then they don’t have to feel like they are not writing the best content for your site.


Many people are intimidated by reaching out to people they don’t know to ask them to write something on their blog but it doesn’t have to be that scary if you have a plan and know exactly what you want to ask of them. It may be a little harder to get more well-known bloggers to guest post but if you start out small with these tips, pretty soon you will feel more confident and think nothing of going after those big names in time.

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