Tips For Improving Local SEO For Small Business Owners

By | Feb 11, 2013

72482784 9e74b36a38 300x230 Tips For Improving Local SEO For Small Business OwnersIf you’ve got a business that doesn’t wholly exist online then you’re going to make sure that you
work on your local SEO. SEO still applies even for websites that aren’t looking to draw traffic
from people all over the world. Local SEO is more important for businesses that are at least partly
concerned with having actual humans that live in the areas they live seeing their content. In the
interest of creating a website that’s going to get you all of the local traffic you need here are a few
tips to make sure that your local SEO gets up and moving.Here are a few tips based on my own local SEO campaign which I have performed for website.

The first thing to keep in mind for local SEO is that you need to create local profiles for your
business on Google, Yahoo, and more. These local profiles will be little networking points at first
as well so that other local businesses and potential clients can see you and know you’re around.
Maintaining a presence on places online that let other people know exactly where your store,
restaurant, or pet shop is works. Something to keep in mind? When you’re writing your location, try
to keep as close to how its listed as possible every time. Don’t abbreviate a street name in one place
and leave it abbreviated in others.


Blogging works great for SEO but if you’re looking to draw local traffic then you’re going need to
blog about local things. Good locally oriented content can talk about a lot of things, local landmarks
are always a good choice for this. Consider using pictures, videos, and other things that engage an
internet surfer to come and look at your content. Moreover, you should blog about stuff that you do
locally, other businesses, places, and events that happen in your city and town will see that you’re a
fixture there.

Which brings us to the next point. You’ve got to really get involved locally. Exchanging links
to other businesses in your town is a great way to generate traffic from people who will actually
patronize your business. Your Google Places page is a great place to do this and so is your actual
website. Making sure your sites and pages all look as professional as possible is important, too. The
internet can be considered an actual extension of your business and putting your best foot forward
online is just as important as keeping your store clean. Organize events, go to ones that are already
happening, and log all of that online.

Register for as many online communities as possible. The big boys are fine here, even great but
don’t forget to sign up for communities based solely on places in your area. Make sure that you
monitor your page ranking for each of these places and each of your individual locations if you’ve
got more than just one. Allowing comments seems like its a lot of work but you’ve got to remind
your customers and clients that reviewing your business in at least one of these places makes them
seem more involved too. Good reviews are something that search engines love. The more “likes”
something has and the more comments are on it the more it seems relevant and “real.

These of course are just a few ways to improve your local SEO. Experiment and see for yourself.

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Ben is a passionate bloggfer and SEO strategist. these are a few tips about local SEO based on his own work for website. I hope these great tips will help you with your local SEO efforts.

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