7 Tips for Ecommerce Site Design That Can Help You Get More Sales

Electronic Commerce has been extending in this era and is getting more awareness to the consumers and customers around the world. Local and International entrepreneurs now developed vast knowledge of Electronic Commerce and has been developing Ecommerce site design pages to get more sales for their products. Thus Ecommerce site design gained its importance and there are seven tips for making the site ease-of-use and to attract more sales than the expected.

1. Optimum use of buttons that shows the action:

Graphics can attract people than text. People will easily understand the underlying action of a button when you can keep the icon on the preferred button. Keeping specialized icons for words like learn more, additional details, add to cart, buy now etc., You will get good response if you can utilize the maximum use of buttons with icons. Apart from adding graphic to the buttons, coloring is very important that draws the attention of the user. For positive response, it is clear from years together that “green” and “blue” plays a vital role. For negative response, color “red” should be used for wrongful acts. Thus giving importance to colors in accordance to the response makes the user consistent to work with the site.

2. Keeping a search box availability helps to track the information on the site easily:

Search box is vital for any website that offers ecommerce to all its visitors. People are very busy and wish to find the information as easy as possible. Majority of people like to have the search feature and use it for searching the content on the web.

3. Navigation Paths should be clear and with good appearance:

Elements for navigating the web pages should be clear and user friendly. Various navigation tools shall have different appearances and should enable the user to identify them easily. Inclusion of Bread crumbs helps the visitors to move back or a step ahead during the shopping process.

4. Product reviews help to gain new customers easily:

It is important to check the quick access of the products and their features. People always like to find products quickly as they will be in enthusiasm to find the product color, shape and features. Short preview that appears fast shall be included. Usage of large fonts for features and highlighting the price of the product can help your customers to a maximum extent.

5. Product pages shall be organized in a regular manner:

Visitors always feel happy when they could find the product pages on priority basis. Attention of visitors can be grabbed easily by keeping the images attractively on the first page. After finding the products, the information related to the product shall appear quickly and the highlighting features shall be designed differently.

6. Maintenance of inventory levels and the product availability shall be easily recognizable:

Busy online stores that have inconsistent inventory levels shall always be easily recognizable. Customers who wish to purchase the product may disappoint if they could not find the product after selection. If the same happens, potential customers often loose and the business may have severe drawbacks.

7. Shopping Cart should be visible and attractive:

Customers who wish to purchase the product will make serious research on the product and will try to purchase the product finally. Thus, shopping cart shall be visible, attractive and striking. If the cart is hidden or little in image, buyers often feel frustrating and their shopping experience will be maddening.