Things You Should Never Do To Your Travel Blog

By | Nov 16, 2012

A travel blog is among the popular and sought after niches in the blogosphere. For this reason, well-
travelled people, travel websites or other travel-related business owners are encouraged to build a
travel blog to promote their website or business or share their amazing travel experiences.

However, a travel blog requires a lot of time, effort and considerations in order for it to have a good
online presence and survive the fierce competition in the online world. While there are several things
that need to be done for a travel blog, there are also things to avoid. And smart travel bloggers should
be aware of these both in order to achieve their blog’s success.

To start off, here are the things that a travel blogger should never do to his travel blog:

1. Blogging for yourself

While one of the purposes of blogging is to share one’s thoughts, knowledge or expertise, a
blogger should also consider his readers, especially if he wants his travel blog to have a good
online presence. While a travel blogger may have all the amazing travel experiences, he should
resist the urge to post everything including those that are no longer interesting to the public.

When posting about travel experience, a travel blogger should ensure to share this in a way that
will also be interesting to the readers. He can begin by considering what the readers will likely
want to know about the place, exciting activities, establishments that shouldn’t be missed, and
so on.

2. Leaving the travel blog without new posts for a long period of time

The consequences in this deed can come from different aspects such as the blog’s SEO,
popularity and traffic.

Bloggers, especially the seasoned ones, are aware that Google regards a blog that has a
continuous flow of new and fresh content. Also, new content that comes on a regular basis gives
readers a reason to check out the blog every now and then, thus, making them revisit the blog
frequently. And the more new content there is, the more chances that the blog gets articles that
are liked, shared and promoted in social media.

3. Disregarding content quality

The blogger has to ensure the frequency of content but quality should never disregarded in any
circumstance. It’s difficult to earn the readers and followers loyalty and a single poorly-written
article can drive them away and unsubscribe from the blog.

It is completely understandable that quality may be sacrificed if a travel blogger will be forced to
write articles more than what he can handle. But he should not feel responsible in creating the
posts by himself.

There are a couple of ways in getting content with quality. One of these is by accepting guest
posts from other travel bloggers. However, care should be exercised when doing this to avoid
accepting posts with poor content and links that could drag down the blog’s rank in search

Another way is by outsourcing travel content. A lot of travel bloggers and website already
deem this as a life, or rather, blog saver especially during the times when they have more vital
tasks to accomplish. It also allows them to leave more time in living their personal lives and
enjoying their travels. The quality of the travel content should no longer be worried about since
travel content outsourcers are always equipped with competent travel writers who are very
knowledgeable in the travel niche.

4. Monetizing the travel blog in inappropriate ways

Even when a travel blog has achieved good popularity, it should still make use of monetizing
schemes that makes sense and avoid those that will not add any value to the blog or will make
the blog seem unscrupulous. Among the money making ways that should be avoided in one’s
travel blog are selling text links, including paid surveys and polls, or commissioning on plane
ticket sales.

Final Words

Being able to accomplish all the necessary things for a travel blog’s success will be useless if the travel
blogger is committing mistakes all along. It is important to keep this list of things to avoid but it is more
important to stay away from these deeds at all cost.

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Sandy allain is an SEO consultant in He is also fond of writing and contributing
helpful tips on how to create quality content and optimizing a travel blog.

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