The Questionable Necessity of Guest Blogging in 2013

By | Jan 9, 2013

With a title like this, you might already be accusing me a being a total hypocrite – I get it. I think we can all appreciate the irony of me writing a guest post that questions the overall effectiveness of guest posting. But when something important ought to be shared, I suppose you can just appreciate the information for what it is.

If you’ve been caught up on all of the latest discussions in SEO, you may be noticing a trend going around that is beginning to question the overall necessity of guest posting. It sounds to be one of those practices that, while it still carries value, there is also a changing attitude towards it.

Now that we are in 2013, we must take notice of what practices to prioritize in terms of good SEO. Let’s look at some considerations.

These thoughts are my own, and are not necessarily the opinions of Bloggeries. 

1. A link is a link is link…right?

You’ll probably still hear people in SEO insist that it doesn’t matter where a link came from or where it is sitting – but that it is there at all. This is a sort of arcane way to look at link building, especially for guest posting. Google is only getting smarter at detecting links where they don’t belong. Sure, every link carries some sort of value (depending on the site it sits on), but to maximize on that value is the difficult part.

Guest blogging for links will become more and more of a taboo practice this year I think, and Google is already showing signs of that. Matt Cutts has already insisted that we continue with it, but with caution.

2. Too Much To Handle

Though it seems like the smoke has cleared a little bit, site owners continue to get attacked by guest posters looking for their next opportunity. This type of practice is not at all sustainable, and I’m surprised that a sort of bubble hasn’t already bursted on the count of Google.

3. Writer’s Fatigue

Though its a subject that is seldom discussed, I do believe that writer’s fatigue – that is, where your content simply stales out after writing so much – will cause a peak of quality. This peak will look bad in the eyes of site owners who would have otherwise taken your writing, and mediocre content will mean less Google juice for both their site and your link.

So then, if you’re going to continue with guest blogging, consider scaling back on how much you do. Forcing yourself to come up with an article probably isn’t the best way to go, and in fact, it would probably do nothing other than hurt you.

4. 2013 Means Onsite SEO

I really hope that most of you have seen that we should be focusing on the quality of our own sites instead of seeing how many links we can get out there that leads to it. Google cares about quality, and their attention is really focusing on how well site are created with the visitor in mind.

This is really where we have to question the effectiveness of guest blogging this year. Sure, keep going along with it, but remember what is on your won site as well. This is what search engines care about the most. It doesn’t matter how good of a link you got on a PR8 site anymore – well not as much at least. If your site is not at the standard that Google likes to see, then you’re in for a bumpy ride.

So is guest posting in 2013 necessary? That word is a little bit too strong. I will say that it is helpful – it is a means of assistance. But by no means should it be your primary focus.

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