The importance of images in your email marketing messages

By | Feb 5, 2013

Eye catching, attention grabbing images are one of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign.  Of course content is key and vital to ensure your clients remain loyal to the brand and keep reading your messages, but the images are just as important.

Let’s go through the main points to consider when choosing your images;

  1. Fresh, new content is always important and the same goes for your picture choice.  Images can be reused but only after a significant time has passed.  Bright new images will capture the reader’s attention.
  2. Position is also important; many clients will be using an email preview tool and so will only see the first few lines of your message.  It is vital that this includes a striking image, the basic content of the email and the main call to action.
  3. Images must be hyperlinked, the majority of people will try to click on an image and if it is not linked this will frustrate potential customers.
  4. The image to text ratio is also something to be considered.  Too many images will swamp a campaign and often send it straight to the trash folder.  Try to keep your messages to around 50% images and 50% text.  A good email marketing platform will measure this ratio for you.
  5. Images must be placed aesthetically.  Random pictures of different sizes will only serve to make your missive look messy and again send it to the rubbish bin.  Design is an important factor, the use of columns and rows can help to make your message render well.  Testing is essential at this point.  Send your campaign to various email accounts to ensure that the images display properly in each one.  Again, a good platform will make this easy.

Despite the crucial part of the email that images are, we must not forget that not every reader will view these images.  As well as those who have images deactivated in their email client, we have to consider mobile users.  More and more people are using their mobiles to send and receive emails and it is imperative that our testing involves checking how the emails appear in mobile inboxes.

Images are a large part of any email marketing campaign, but we have to remember that not everyone has the same ESP as us and therefore may see the item differently.

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