The Future Of Link Building Strategies – 2013

By | Jun 27, 2013

BuildingLink Biltmore PlazaBuildingLink TenantsThere has been major upheaval in the search engine optimization space this year. There have been major Google updates over the years but the most major ones were the Panda and Penguin updates in the previous years. This year the major upheaval has been caused by the latest update christened Google Penguin 2.0. This is an update that takes the earlier major update Penguin forward. While the earlier updates ensured that content remains king, the new update is targeting all spam search engine optimization techniques.

So in this new era of Google, how does a search engine optimization company ensure that a website ranks well on the search engine behemoth’s results? Though there is still no guarantee that a SEO company will surely rank your website in search engine results, there are a few strategies that have proved beneficial for many and if properly utilized can be beneficial for all websites. Even though Google has tightened its algorithm some tried and tested strategies like link building maintains it’s pre-eminence.

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Future of Link Building Strategies

Link building as the name suggests is all about building links for your websites using anchor text (keywords). Many SEO companies target a few keywords which they feel will be beneficial for the website. But with SEO companies building a lot of links for the same keyword, it has raised a red flag for Google. So, what can be done to overcome this? To overcome this one has to have a diverse link building strategy. Instead of getting back links for a particular keyword, you need to use LSI keywords. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing (Don’t worry this is just a fancy name for related keywords) is essential to diversify your anchor text. Not just related keywords you need to use the bare URL of your website to link back to you and also common phrases like “Click Here”, “Read More” etc. This will make your back links seem more natural and you will reap the benefits.

Try to get back links from authority websites as they will give you more value. Websites that do not have authority or websites in bad neighborhoods will only harm your website. Social media is a big thing nowadays and getting links from social media websites are a huge plus. Try to build a brand with your link building strategy. For more information on search engine optimization visit SEO Company in Australia

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