Steps To Choose A Domain Name

Selecting a domainname can really be a hectic and irritating task. It is not possible to have a good name for the domains but with just a little creativity it can become possible to have a good domain , which will feel you proud in the coming years.There is no single or universal way to create an effective domain . In this article, I have discussed some of the steps which will help you choose an effective domain name.


There is speculation that whether there is any high level domain which is given more preference by search engines and search engines have said there is no such domain but it is found that .com domain is used by most of the people approx 90 millions.

Make use of your industry within your domain name

The best thing to do is to mention the industry in your domain as it will tell what your site or company is about. For instance, if your industry is related to selling of shoes then you must write shoes in your domain. This will not only help the users to search or remember, but will also be beneficial for search engine as user type those keywords in the browser. Ensure that you don’t stuff the large amount of keywords in the domain.

 Brand yourself

Branding yourself by providing a distinctive and memorable name to your organisation will allow you to get more creative. If you are opening up  a new business, then you must think of something attractive and catchy.

 Put your geographical location

If you offer your products in a particular geographical location, then move ahead and insert it within your domain. It will not make it more likely and comfortable for the people of that particular location but will make it less comfortable and likely for those people to whom you do not want to serve on your website.

Make it simple to say

Always stay away from the names which makes use of hyphens, numbers or slangs as they are difficult to remember for users and hence you will lose traffic. For instance just imagine if you tell the domain name which includes numbers and hyphens to anyone, then it will be difficult for you to tell the domain name & will also be difficult for people to remember that domain.

 Make it simple to memorize and remember

You must try to keep away from plural words in your domain , as if some person search it in singular, then you will lose your traffic. Besides this you must not use the words like “the”, “my” etc in the beginning of domain as it doesn’t look professional and chances to  lose the traffic increases.

Summary: Domain name is the basic step for having your presence online. So it is necessary that you must have an effective domain according to search engines as well as users. All the above mentioned steps will help you create an effective domain name.