8 Insightful Statistics About Cloud Computing

By | Mar 25, 2013

1363916891 iphone cloud icon 1 300x300 8 Insightful Statistics About Cloud ComputingOver the past few years there have than a barrage of studies and surveys surrounding cloud computing.  Some of the most often cited include the Citrix Cloud Survey Guide, BSA, Cloud Industry Forum, Cloud Security Alliance, and Gartner.  While each survey was uniquely insightful, combining them offers eight particularly important facts about cloud computing that businesses of all sizes should not ignore.

1. 64% of Companies Have Reduced Waste and Lowered Energy Consumption Levels after Switching to Cloud Computing

Many businesses immediately think of flexibility when discussing cloud computing, but this strategy offers a variety of additional benefits as well.  One of the most notable benefits is the reduction of waste and lowering energy consumption levels.  Even without a net gain in flexibility, the money saved by reducing waste and lowering energy consumption can be motivation enough to switch to cloud computing solutions.

2. 70% of Mid-Size Companies Actively Leverage Cloud-Based Analytics for Improving Efficiency

Cloud-based analytics provide businesses with a unique way to improve efficiency.  It provides a holistic look at the IT infrastructure and offers a unique insight into current inefficiencies.

3. 90% of Companies Who Use Cloud Computing Report Improvement in at Least One Area of Business

Many businesses are hesitant to get involved with cloud computing because they see only a handful of potential applications which will benefit them.  While this may be true, a majority of companies realize a net gain in at least one area of their business due to cloud computing.


4. In 2012, Cloud Computing Was Reported to the be the Top IT Priority

The IT industry continually grows more diverse, however cloud computing remains the top priority of industry experts across the globe.

1363721309 foldernetwork 1 8 Insightful Statistics About Cloud Computing5. Microsoft spent 90% of Their R&D Budget on Cloud Computing Products and Strategies in 2011

Microsoft has consistently been a leader in this type of innovation.  Nothing illustrates this more than the amount of their R&D budget dedicated to cloud computing products and strategies in 2011.

6. SMBs Leveraging Cloud Computing to Improve Mobility Saw a 40% Growth in Revenue after One Year

Mobility is consistently one of the most difficult aspects small businesses can improve without making major changes to their IT strategy.  Fortunately, making even small changes to improve mobility can lead to significant revenue growth.

7. By 2016, More than 50% of Global 1000 Companies With Use the Cloud to Store Customer-Sensitive Information

One of the most commonly cited concerns about cloud computing is security.  Significant security improvements have already been documented and industry experts project the cloud will be secure enough for most businesses to safely store customer sensitive information by the end of 2016.

8. 80% of New Commercial Enterprise Apps Will be Deployed on the Cloud

An overlooked reason why the cloud will become an integral part of every business’s IT infrastructure is the applications they will be working with in the future.  As a growing number of new commercial applications are deployed on the cloud, businesses will have no other option but to utilize it.

There is no doubt a large number of additional studies and surveys will be conducted over the coming years, but a bevy of valuable insight has already been produced that every business can take advantage of.

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Jerry Trikle writes articles about colocation and data centers.  He believes colocation is a wise choice for many businesses. Trikle believes companies should always think about their future growth and security needs.

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