Best Social News Apps You Can Actually Use

Busy life schedule has brought a drastic change in which things used to be perceived in the past. One of the common habits was to read through the newspaper to get a knowhow of the happenings in the immediate world. However with work schedules becoming erratic it is hardly possible to devote time for reading the newspaper peacefully.

Thankfully, the publishers have realized this shortcoming and have come up with unique apps that make reading a fun, even when on the move. One can be well conversant with the happenings in the world through use of any of these social news apps. These magazine styled apps can be carried and used comfortably, even if one is on the move.

Below are listed some of the popular social news apps that have virtually changed the dynamics of reading in print.

1.)  New Yahoo App

Best of the web world in form of unending stories becomes a reality with New Yahoo App. An interesting feature of the New Yahoo App is that more the app is used better are the chances of one being witness to relevant stories.

Visual stream of stories keep coming on a regular basis on the New Yahoo App, thus giving one the chance of scanning through the news feed, even if one is short of time. Some summaries by Yahoo too have been included in the New Yahoo App to make one’s experience wholesome while reading through the news.

The new Yahoo app also enables one to email and share stories via social media websites as Facebook and Twitter. This has been done to ensure that the reach of the app increases significantly enough to make a mark on the readers.

A new version of the app has been launched wherein the users have been provided with the option of leaving feedback for the stories.

2.)  Google Currents

The specialty of this social news app is that the content is available in form of magazine format that can be swiped. Various leading publications and blogs make it a point to be present on Google Currents and the swipable option adds a new dimension to the reading experience.

Breaking news stories can be easily followed in Google Currents as distinct categories be they sport, science, travel, world and entertainment have been created in Google Currents.

Google Currents works well with all type of devices be it Apple phone, tablet or Android. The content has been designed in such a manner that whatever be one’s position, complete satisfaction is guaranteed while reading. One might be travelling by train, plane or road, Google Currents ensures that you are not devoid from the daily dose of your news.

3.)  AP Mobile

Getting global and local news on the go becomes a reality with AP Mobile, another innovative social news app that is making waves. One can receive important international and local news with amazing speed if AP Mobile app has been downloaded. One can easily pick and share the desired news with family and friends as the same has been divided into categories as sport, entertainment and politics to name a few.

The photos, videos and multi media coverage by AP Mobile are par excellence and technology savvy readers have appreciated AP Mobile.

4.)  NewsWhip

This social news app is little different in the sense that it follows all the relevant news on the social media platforms and brings the same out in a comprehensive manner. One can remain acquainted on happenings in social, political, sports and cultural world with the help of NewsWhip. What better the news treading on NewsWhip can be shared easily with friends and family who are on Facebook or Twitter.

5.)  News Blur

This social news app has been promoted as a personal news reader and the assumption holds true to a great extent. The social news app has been equipped with real time RSS and the stories get pushed directly to the reader making the news readable as it pours in.

Another innovation that has been done with News Blur is that the content appears in the context and the ways in which it was to be originally seen and visualized by the reader.

Sharing stories has been made easy with News Blur meaning that one can gather a lot of public opinion on the story and enhance their own knowledge base in the bargain. Another unique aspect of News Blur is that the stories that one does not wish to read can be hidden and those which come up to ones liking can be highlighted.

Social news apps have virtually changed the ways in which news was perceived till recent. Take your pick from the above listed apps and catch up with your favorite news, even on the move.