Social Media Marketing For Your Business

By | Jan 25, 2013

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

social media marketing Social Media Marketing For Your BusinessWhat is Social Media?

Social media networks come in a variety of flavors. There are lots of tools and services for socially sharing information through the Internet and on mobile platforms too, which further enhance, faciliate and generally make it easier to for people to share information quickly. Because social media has been so widely adopted it really does make a lot of sense as a business owner to put some of your resources and marketing budget toward social media marketing for your business.

Why should I care about Social Media Marketing?

  • Social media is INVALUABLE at attracting links and traffic. BOTH of which are necessary to get better, higher, organic rankings in Google and Bing. That means you will have more visitors and you will be able to sell more.
  • Social engagement BUILDS UP search signals.
  •  Your COMPETITION is already using it!


Here are some facts about Social Media

  • One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook.
  • People spend 700 Billion minutes EACH month reading statuses, posting pictures, and visiting fan pages.
  • Almost 30 Billion pieces of content shared on Facebook monthly.
  • 155 Million Tweets are sent each day on Twitter.
  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each day!
  • Pinterest has over 20 million users, 75% are women.
  • Foursquare passed 2 Billion check‐ins earlier this year.
  • Linkedin has 101 Million worldwide members. 49% are from the United States.

The 7 social media myths and How to generate the buy-in

Unfortunately, some people think like this: “Social media is too hard, too expensive and it’s NOT going to help us….oh and we are way too far behind anyway” and that’s absolutely wrong!

  • Social Media is Free.
  • Most of your customers they are using it.
  • Social media will help your business. (“It’s helping Virgin America save $13 Million/yr! Because Virgin America has a Twitter‐based Customer Service Model. No call center. Result? Huge savings! “).
  • Some of your competitors might not use it, which is an even strong reason for you to start using social media.
  • Social Media, like life, is ALL about balance. Manage your time wisely by using a content creation timeline. Automate your daily activities. Automate your daily content!
  • Social Media involves conversation participation. It’s a little more complicated…but you can do it.
  • You can sell with Social Media.

The 3 social media giants!

You don’t need to be EVERYWHERE. Consolidate and Conquer! Here are my 3 Social Media Channels to be seen and target.

  • The 1st giant: FACEBOOK
    800 million Facebook users worldwide.
  • The 2nd giant: TWITTER
    140+ million Twitter users worldwide.
  • The 3rd giant: GOOGLE PLUS
    Google Plus had 20+ Million users in 24 days! Twitter & Facebook took 3 years to reach that total.

Socializing your blog can make an impact!

Your website blog is the FASTEST way to generate higher rankings, spread content, and increase your conversions and help you to generate social signals. Make sure that you offer social share buttons on your blog posts.

Online reputation management

Monitoring, protecting, and generating POSITIVE reputation management results through Social Media are ESSENTIAL! Here’s a handful of popular social media monitoring services and tools: Hootsuite, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics Social Reports

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