Social Media Can Revive Your Home Improvement Franchise – Read This!

By | Jun 13, 2013

If you are in the home improvement business and are currently finding it hard to make ends meet, maybe it is time for you to change your tactics. Old fashioned adverts in the newspaper aren’t really cutting it anymore. You may have a website, but have you checked how many visitors you have got recently? Well the good news is that you can get a heck of a lot more interest if you start promoting your business on social media. Yes that’s right, it’s not just used for teenagers and sad loners, social media is helping millions of similar business people get that kick that they need so badly. This article shows you how to follow suite, please have a read if you are really in need!

Be Helpful

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The best way to start your business onslaught is by being subtle and helpful, because nobody likes a big head and you will soon scare away any chance of customers if you appear too big for your boots. Provide helpful tips and add some links to other websites that will appeal to the amateur home improvement people out there. You can gradually bring your expertise to the fore but remember to be friendly and polite at all times, on social networks bad news travels extremely fast!

Be Visual

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Social network members love to see photos on almost any topic and they also enjoy sharing their opinions on the matter. You can start with a simple ‘before & after’ set of projects and work your way up from there. Remember to answer any questions and to be too harsh if the comments are a little ‘out there’. Tailor your efforts towards your target audience and try to keep your projects nice and simple. Videos are another excellent way to create some interest amongst potential customers. They can be your own masterpieces or simply link up someone else’s video clips.

Share Your Ideas

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As well as answering questions and providing tips on DIY jobs, you can also bond with your public by sharing information. This is basically allowing them to get to know the man behind the home improvement mask. People in social media land love hearing about what makes us tick and they will surely appreciate your little titbits just as much. Let them know about how your business is doing, profile a few members of staff and just open your doors to the big wide world. If you have had some negative press recently, face it head on and let the public know your side of the story.

Promote Yourself!

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Once you have established a decent and loyal following, you can begin to push your business interests a little harder. Use social media for press releases and let them feel as if they are the first ones to be in on your latest products. Offer discounts to the first 50 people who ‘like’ your new range of paints or whatever you are promoting.  You can offer similar incentives to people who ‘share’ your page to their friends.

Like What You Hear?

We hope you can see some sense in these 4 fantastic tips, and before you know it your business will be back where it belongs!

Today’s featured writer, William Levis, is a social media consultant for a firm that deals in vertical blinds in New York City. He writes informative posts on how to use social media as a platform to interact with customers and in the process grow business.

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