Social Media Can Be A Gold Mine Of Great Ideas For Your Next Home Improvement Project!

When we are struggling for some inspiration for our next home improvement project, where do we usually look for some fresh ideas? In years gone by, we would buy some expensive magazines and look at how the stars have their homes decked out. We also look at our friends’ homes and hopefully come up with a novel idea. Well nowadays we have the internet to thank for opening up a whole new set of home improvement doors for our perusal. As well as the DIY websites we can tap into our social media platforms for some much needed assistance. This article show you how to follow suite and get some killer ideas before that new project kicks off!Check Out YouTube!          

We all love to browse through the myriad of wacky and weird videos on offer at YouTube. There are some hilarious offerings that go down well on an otherwise boring evening. You can also upload your own home recordings and sit back as the comments come flooding in. But you will also get an insight into thousands of home improvement wizard’s minds. Just type in the home improvement tips you require and you will be amazed at how many useful results are returned. There are a score of ‘How-To’ guides just waiting in the wings, and most of them are done by amateurs who are happy to share. You also get a lot of ‘DIY Disaster’ movies that can be very useful as well as downright hilarious. If you feel the need to share your own projects, simply upload the clip and see what the outside world has to say.

Facebook Is Your Buddy!

Social media platforms are there to stay in touch with old friends make new ones and generally communicate with your circle of contacts. People love to be asked for their values opinions and this is where you can gain some valuable tips and inspiration.  Interaction is the name of the game and all you need to do is open a new dialogue as your status update and ask whatever it is that you needwish to know. You will soon get dozens of interesting opinions and some of them may even be useful! Post some pictures of your current project and see what others have to add to the topic. You can even create a new fan page that deals with DIY matters. This will leave your non-interested Facebook chums with less clutter to deal with on your personal page.


Our final foray into social media for home improvement projects brings us rather nicely to Pinterest. This platform is probably the most visually orientated of the 3 on offer here. There are categories specially designed for most of your hobbies and DIY is definitely one of the most popular ones. As well as browsing for new ideas, you get to upload your own videos and photos for some ‘expert’ analysis. Professionals are just as active on this site as gifted amateurs. You are bound to find some great ideas on Pinterest and probably make some new contacts in the process!

Social Media 3 Home Improvement Disaster 0

So there we are, 3 very useful ways to use social media for your own home improvement ideas, and why not try all three routes for maximum satisfaction?

This guest post is authored by Jamie Black. He has a keen interest in interiors and works for a company that specializes in draperies in Santa Monica. He is a creative person and likes to share his thoughts and ideas through his blogs. He goes for many camping trips and likes being close to nature.