Top 3 Smartphone Financial Apps

By | Feb 28, 2013

Smartphone’s are the most popular starting place for a number of online activities, managing finances included. Financial apps help you to manage your finances and are highly recommended by financial advisors. Here is a look at the top 3 Smartphone financial apps along with the pros and cons of each.

iPhone 300x243 Top 3 Smartphone Financial Apps1. Pageonce- Money and Bills

This is among the most well-liked Smartphone financial apps. The most eminent feature of Pageonce is its ability to put together with all your online bank accounts and your credit cards as well as online bills. This app has an interface that is very user-friendly. For that reason, you do not require any technical knowledge or assistance to sync your personal accounts.

The app’s full version allows you to add manual accounts too in case you do not have the information available over the internet, for example, rental bills. After setting up your account and feeding in all the information that is needed, there is not much that you require to do yourself.


– It allows you to have a look at your bill statements at whatever time you want, and this is very handy

– It permits you to track, control and pay all your bills automatically

– It lets you follow mobile data usage as well as minutes

– You can get immediate notifications for your bank accounts.


– This app lacks some main creative finance management features, which are present in many other similar applications

– Some users have shown their concern over the security of this app

– If you sync many accounts, the app becomes slower and more unreliable

2. MoneyWise

MoneyWise is obtainable as a free trial application for smartphones. It is also obtainable with complete features, though you must pay for you to obtain that version. The app’s trial version does not let you add over two accounts whereas the paid version allows you to add an unlimited number of accounts.


-The application has a beautiful interface, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also helpful in sorting out reports and graphs

– It is perfect for people with 2 or even less bank accounts

– The method of putting in manual transactions is very easy


– The free version of this app is equipped with lots of visual advertisements

– The free version only allows you use two bank accounts

– It does not allow b2b transfers


This app certainly does not require introduction to people used to managing their finances online. The website’s powerful Smartphone app allows you access most features obtainable on the website. This includes the ability to sync with your bank accounts. The app has a budgeting feature as well, which allows you to skilfully allocate budget for particular items to be bought.


– Allows you to view and hook up to all your accounts, which includes savings, retirement, checking and investment

– Shows pictorial presentations as graphs to show you where the funds are being spent

– It automatically classifies all the transactions performed by your bank accounts


– Users have shown concerns over the application’s security system

– The app does not provide complete access to all elements of the website

– The recurring payment role is missing in this application

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