Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

Cellphones have revolutionised the way we communicate with people, no one could argue against that. But smartphones have far more function than keeping you in touch with the world. You possibly aren’t fully yet aware of what your smartphone is capable of. Here are some amazing things your smartphone can do for you.

Make you an activist

Are there certain causes that speak to your heart? Like supporting gay marriage or clamping down on GMO products? Your smartphone can give the direction you need to be an effective consumer activist. The Buycott app makes every shopping trip a protest against the corporations and entities that aren’t aligned with your causes, and a support of those that are.  This app has an extensive database of companies and parent companies, with their actions, products, initiatives, funding and much more that it can cross reference.

All you need to do is select what campaigns you want to support, then scan a product barcode, and you’ll instantly know whether to buy or not. What’s especially interesting is learning how the different companies are related to each other. For instance you might think that a benevolent sounding brand with the word “organic” in it is a safe bet to purchase top support sustainable farming and nonGMO food, but it might very well be owned by a parent company that violates that ethic that appealed to you through the use of the word “organic”.

Replace your wallet

Your phone can pretty much take the place of carrying around a wallet. There are applications that can store credit card, banking, membership and discount card information. Many credit companies and banks have even come out with their own apps for these purposes. There are also services like PalPal Mobile that lets you make payments on the go, and CardStar that conveniently organises all the shopper cards you use in one place. And Google Wallet lets you store your credit card details on your smartphone, together with special offers and other payment information.

Be used as a universal remote control

Never mind the old universal remote that always gets lost in the couch. Not when there are some great apps you can use on your smart phone instead. There are apps that let you control many of your gadgets from your DVR to your computer to a high-end digital camera. For instance, Remote allows you to control iTunes and your Apple TV with your iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can even use  your iPhone At work as a remote for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

You can even use your phone as a car remote.Once you’ve purchsed hardware from Viper, download the free app and use your iPhone to remotely lock and unlock the doors, start the engine, open the trunk, and even set off a panic alarm from your phone.

Manage your energy usage

The same technology behind your smartphone, digital smart grid technologies, is also being used to modernise our electric our grid. The smart grid is a two-way connection between utilities and customers, which can give users detailed data that help control the use of energy, as well as what the electric bill will end up looking like. This will let us manage our electric consumption from our cellphones.

Let you sing karaoke anywhere, anytime

Turn iTunes into your own karaoke playlist with the Karaoke! App. Karaoke! removes the vocals from any song in your music collection, which you can then of course sing yourself. You can even record your own version using the Karaoke! Studio feature.

While some of us are probably happy to simply use our phones to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family, or occasionally browse the Internet or entertain ourselves, there is far more you can do with your phone. And it will only continue to be an essential part of our lives.