Seven Fantastic Twitter Tactics

By | Jan 27, 2013

twitter Seven Fantastic Twitter TacticsIf you want to have a productive Twitter account for your business, you should be personable and offer beneficial details, as well. These guidelines will help you to get the most effective Twitter strategy, and build your online reputation via this social network.

1. Make use of resources such as Twitter’s incorporate research and Google  Analytics to investigate your own achievement on this particular network.  I would also suggest great desktop software called TweetDeck. It is a fantastic time saving tool, yet very intuitive to use. With various free tools for Twitter, you can instantly publish your content, short your links, schedule your tweets, find possible clients and followers, etc . You should also install Twitter’s mobile  application for your smartphone.


2. Ask your followers questions. Answer the questions they ask you. Engage as much as you can. That way you will build a strong connection  with them. This approach identifies you as someone who cares about his followers and potential customers. Favorite their tweets, retweet them. You can earn some extra points by doing it.

3. Be professional and polite in conversation. A large number of the people  usually get away when someone starts to blatantly promote his business. That is a wrong approach. If you are counting on them as a potential buyers, don’t bother them with your promotion. Don’t try to sell them anything! Instead of that, think like this – they have a problem, you have a solution for their problem. Offer them  a solution for their problem.

4. Remember, you only have 140 characters to type in a Twitter message. Shorten your URLs. Use your tweet wisely. Use a hashtags in your tweets. That is an effective way to attract more attention.

5. Maintain your Twitter account. Visit it more often, because if you are not active, your followers won’t find you. They will forget you if you are not constantly active. Avoid private messages.  You don’t need to waste your time on private messages. You are trying to promote your products or services on Twitter. Therefore, you don’t have a time to write a private messages.

6. Google alerts. Find interesting news in your niche and tweet them. If you react fast, many will retweet you. That means many will start to follow you. Be wise. Give them something to share.

7. One more thing is highly important: Fully fill out your account. Take your time. You want to make it absolutely clear that you are in some particular niche, right? Then make a user name something like YourNameDentist or YourNameLawyer. This will help a lot to your potential followers. Add your image if you want to brand yourself, or a company logo if you are promoting the company. You also have a particular space in your Twitter account to put the URL of your website. Don’t miss your chance to do that. You might also want to put something related to your niche in your short biography on your Twitter profile.

These would be the tips based on my opinion about Twitter. When it comes to marketing, I use Twitter a lot, because it is a proven powerful tool to get more potential customers and possible leads.  Implement these tactics today.

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