SEO Strategies for Branding Your Company

By | Jan 30, 2013

It is an established fact that products and services are known by brands these days. Without product branding it becomes highly improbable to compete in the market. In the online marketing world you brand and publicize your products by using different SEO strategies that could help your company name rank first on the search engines. There are several SEO strategies that you can adopt, the first and the foremost is to select a unique title for your company.

The name of your company can consist of the words that are directly related to your business services and products. Include the SEO consultant right from the start of your web development program for your eCommerce store or business portfolio platform. The search engine optimization consultations can find you a choice of prefix or suffix by analyzing their rankings and competition. You can select the one that deems fit for your business.

Acronyms are also used but they do not normally reflect the nature of business since many other businesses operates by the same acronym titles. The second important thing that you have to remember before planning a top notch SEO strategy is that any marketing or optimization plan is incomplete without effective social media presence. Here you can find the benefit of your unique business title as it won’t be already there in the social media channels as other brands title. You can show up uniquely in search results.

Thirdly do not include industrial terms in your company name as it could limit your business presence in that particular category only and further if you plan to expand your business to some other niches you will be troubled by your business name that is already marketed online.

However, you can include those generic terms in your tagline. This is highly important for launching an effective SEO campaign for your company branding. Now let’s come to the fourth point here, but take note this can become the most influential SEO strategy factor for your brand name. With the latest Panda and Penguin updates the world’s top search engine Google has made it necessary for the web developers to focus on rich, informative and unique content.

The greater it can influence your reader to share it on their social platforms the better it will be for your website. Google crawlers have become very smart about content quality detection. Develop WordPress blogs for your brand and products. Do not go for keyword stuffing, it won’t work now; however you can use keywords in a natural way without stuffing up all the content with it.

Publish informative articles on high ranking article sites. If you have read Bloggeri blogs see how they anchor the keyword with the link to their website in the author’s bio part. At the same time build a social media rapport, connect all your social media channels with your website links. Share your informative links and ask for feed backs. For your branding a well planned SEO strategy is a must.

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