Role of PHP in today’s era

By | Mar 19, 2013

As the internet marketing is growing rapidly and is demanding websites to be attractive, user friendly, cost effective and easy to navigate. PHP web Development is the technology that helps in developing such a website. It is one of the mostly used programming languages which can solve all the requirements of the user.

php 200x200 Role of PHP in today’s era

PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdford in 1995 and is developing continuously since then. PHP stands for hypertext Pre-processor used for creating multiple dynamic web pages.


Features of PHP development:


  • PHP runs on a web server
  • It can be used for client side GUI applications
  • It is an open source software
  • It is used with many relational database management system
  • PHP focuses mainly on server- side scripting
  • PHP manipulates Flash, PDF and image files
  • Communicate with the LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Communicate with variety of protocols like NNTP, IMAP, POP3, DNS and others.


Most of the IT industry’s prefer to use PHP language as it is available free of cost. Therefore, you can hire PHP developer who can easily understand the requirement of project and can create a user friendly website. Hiring a PHP developer can be cost effective for all project sizes.


The other advantage of PHP language is that it is easy, quick and is flexible. Today’s era demands dynamic websites and PHP is one of the languages which help in creating such websites. These sites provide more security and usability.


PHP Development allows you to change its functionalities according to your own requirements. This language helps in easy content management. It can be used with multimedia technology as PHP doesn’t depend on external plug-ins.


In a nutshell, PHP has the following advantages:


  • High performance and reliability
  • Low development and maintenance cost
  • Compatible with the servers like Apache and IIS
  • Ability to embed itself into HTML code
  • Runs on various platforms like Unix, Linux, windows etc


We summarize PHP as fast, reliable, secure and compatible option for Web Development. Therefore, PHP plays an important role in internet marketing as well as IT industry.



PHP web development is about making a website that involves the following steps:


  1. Website Design
  2. Content creation
  3. Server side scripting
  4. Client side scripting
  5. server and network configuration
  6. Website testing and analysis.


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