What is Responsive Web Design and how it benefits SEO?

Now, with the introduction of the latest technologies, most of the businesses are looking forward to the responsive web design through which they can reach more and more potential customers and increase their business revenue. Responsive design gives the flexibility to view the website from any kind of device irrespective of the size of the screen. You do not have to make different web designs for different devices. The main advantage of having the responsive web design is that you can earn a better position in the search engines. There are innumerable SEO benefits that you can gain through the responsive design.

Minimize the bounce rate

When the internet users visit the site through their mobile device and your site does not respond to the device then you have a high chance of maximizing the bounce rate as the visitors will hit the back button and leave the page. Google can create a note that your website might not be delivering the information internet users. Day in and day out you will get more traffic from the mobile devices and can improve the bouncing rate. You can protect the search engine ranking while creating a stronger presence in the mobile devices.

Directing the traffic to the URL

One of the ways to capture the web traffic is to create the dedicated mobile site which is fine as long as you have something different to offer your audience when it comes to content. If not, the responsive web design is the best way through which you can optimize the site for the mobile user to drive the traffic to one URL and avoid the confusion among the site visitors.

One website to maintain

Before, the introduction of the responsive web design, the companies had to create two different versions of the sites. This increases the maintaining and updating task as the service providers have to manage the site for the desktop as well as for the mobile device. The use of the sub domains became the common as the use of the scripts to detect where the visitor is coming from to launch the actual version. The service provider has to do double task and updates and double bug fixing to make things right.

Power of existing inbound links

Mobile web browsing is the new concept that has come into existence and it has become quite popular in the present market. Google uses it to establish the inbound links in the case of the ranking the websites in the mobile search. Web site who is making use of the responsive web design can rank higher by emphasizing on the existing inbound links. You can reinforce your sites SERP performance to increase the website visibility in the search engines.