How To Replace Your Damaged Mobile Phone Display?

By | Jan 22, 2013

Many in the past have been saddened when they had to reject their favourite cell phones because of a damage that had happened to the mobile display. Well, no more as there is a cheap and simple method which may bring a smile.

Weighing the cost

If you have damaged your mobile screen for whatever reasons they might be, you have a crisis at hand. All sorts of worries crowd your mind. Especially, if the devise would ever be repaired, the cost involved. There are services offered online that would repair the unit. But if you possess parts that are inexpensive, then, how about giving it a try?

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If a new mobile is coming for $100, and if the cost of a replaced display is costing the same, then it is fruitless to spend money and time over the damaged set. But if the cost comes around $10 then it is worth the try.


Find the right replacement screen

From where does one get the replacement? Simple. Log in to eBay and search for the model and there will be few good options mentioned there. Check the genuinity of parts listed for device, of course.

The Tools You Will Need

Opening up your mobile phone is quite a tricky job and one should be armed with a variety of tools such as screw plastic bicycle wheel levers as usable substitutes.

The Principles Of Replacing a Mobile Display

It is not possible to recommend a standardized guide because of different models on sale in the open market. Consequently, some models cannot be repaired and must be sent to the manufacturer.

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The first move to make is to find out how best your screen can be replaced. For this one should check out with YouTube to get a detailed follow up on the procedure.

Cutting open your phone

At the very outset, one must remove the back cover, battery and identify the location of the Torx screws. Also, check the ribbon cables that needs careful unlatching from connectors. Remember, it is threaded with several layers of hardware. Things are delicate inside so be careful not to damage any part.

Remove the display

After removing the ribbon cable, the digitizer of it will pop out. In many phones it is combined with display.

Add new display replacing adhesive

Purchase the narrow rolls adhesive and replace it, you may also like to purchase waterproof cases for your iPad. It is in the form of double-sided sticky tape. Apply it to the frame of the phone and not to the glass. Remove the protective strips of it once it is in place and push the glass thereafter.

It is done now and ensure to connect the cable correctly,

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