How To Rank With Video: A Guide To SEO For Easy Terms With Videos

By | Sep 28, 2013

notebook video 300x183 How To Rank With Video: A Guide To SEO For Easy Terms With VideosMany internet marketing decisions today are based upon whether internet search engine titan Google would “like” the result, and it’s not uncommon for Google to change its preferences every so often. One area companies would do well to explore is the value that video adds to the customer or visitor experience. There is a variety of simple guidelines to consider when crafting video. Gaining an understanding of these industry standards and common terms should help create a valuable addition to a company’s advertising repertoire.

Picking Great Keywords

Just like the readable content on a page, a video also requires careful keyword choice for the best results with the search engines. As always, the best keyword strategy involves simple and relevant keyword choice that doesn’t result in a million competitors. Short search phrases are extraordinarily attractive to the average web surfer, with search phrases of just a single word or two words offering high search frequency.

When choosing keywords short is often best; however, finding these keywords isn’t too easy when there is so much competition for a word like “shoes.” Spending the extra time to consider phrases that are short yet which don’t have incredible competition not only benefits the search engine standings of the video, but also the website from which those videos are played. During the keyword research phase, it may also be of benefit to consider searching for relevant topics for which video has not yet been created.

Focus on Local Results

Brick and mortar companies and anyone that provides services in a particular geographic area will want to ensure that videos take advantage of local SEO opportunities. Creating pages with video that are applicable to a very specific geographic area offers the best value for a business that relies upon customers who walk into a store or a local office. Even if there’s no local company site, there are still benefits for local video strategies.

One of the reasons why local SEO practices are so helpful is because terms that might have been out of reach on a nationwide basis would be targetable for local results. While there might be thousands of results for a company’s products on a nationwide (or worldwide) search, a local search might offer just a few businesses with a specific service or product. Video results for local searches offer tremendous value for instant, interactive content. A valuable local video might be as simple as a walk-through of the company’s store or facilities.


Provide Content with the Video

A video should never be the only element on a page. Surrounding a video with valuable content adds significant value to a video page. One simple option for providing content on a page with a video is simply to provide a transcript of the video’s contents. This content is instant and is incredibly relevant to the video. In addition to written content other types of content pair well with videos. Allowing visitors to comment on pages and provide opinions inspires customer interaction and involvement on the video page.

Sneak “Video” into the Video

Inserting the word “video” into a search box is rather common, and a company providing video content will want to utilize this word as a keyword for the page. A video of a cat meowing may get more views if the phrase “cat meowing video” is part of the keywords included to describe the page. This subtle method of gaining more viewers is also a great way to gain some standing with a competitive phrase. Simply adding “video” to a competitive keyword makes it a little easier for a website to gain upward momentum in search results.

Choosing a Video Host

Hosting or streaming video from the company’s servers is an option for some companies; however, there are a variety of third-party hosts that provide simple setup for videos. One of the benefits of utilizing a third-party host for streaming video is that such companies rely upon delivering smooth video playback without problems like buffering and other performance issues. Small companies will want to take advantage of finding a third-party supplier.

Web surfers love video because it’s an easy and immediate source of information. Although the quality of a video will certainly influence the value the video adds to a website, ultimately the most significant feature will always be the keyword selection. The best video in the world will never be found if there are no keywords leading web surfers to the content.

Written by Jane Coultier. She works on a digital marketing and SEO service provider. She is very adept when it comes to the different SEO skills and techniques in today’s age. On her spare time, she loves to watch old movies and swim.

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