Penguin Update: takes big hit on webspam

Google has rolled out its Penguin update. It is a wake up call to everyone especially the webmasters who were using unnatural or spam link building strategies to improve the ranking of their website on search engine result pages. The basic aim of  the Penguin update is to improve search quality by clearing out the webspams from search engine results. Penguin wants to improve the ranking of those websites which deserve and make use of the best SEO practices, and penalize those websites which make use of black hat techniques or poor quality SEO to build their link profile.

How Penguin update is hitting webspam from search engine results pages to reward good rankings to high quality websites:

  • It is disapproving paid links: Google wants that all the website owners should build natural and high quality links to your website. Buying links is considered to be a war, which means that buying links to your site is committing an SEO suicide. Penguin acts as a trigger for spammy links spotting your site and considers unnatural link building as a worst SEO technique. Therefore, it is necessary to build links naturally so that your site is not hit by Penguin again.

  • Adieu to link farms: Link farm refers to a group of websites that are hyperlinked to each other (in the group). These link faming is done on a group of websites and links are created with the help of automated software or programs. The technique of link farming was never liked by Google as; due to this, search engine index gets spammed. Those sites which use link farms are penalized by Google. Now in this penguin update, any site which makes use of link farms, even a little bit in their link building strategy will get penalized and will come down in search engine ranking. It is strictly considered as no-go area.

  • Directory submissions in bulk: Few years back, directory submissions in bulk was in thing and your website gets thousands of spammy links. Earlier these spammy links were ignored by the Google but now Google penalized those sites having such spammy links. Therefore, it is better to pick such a directory for submissions which is human moderated.

  • Anchor text over optimization: The basic aim of Google Penguin update is to ensure that you create natural links. If you have created all your links manually, then there is no chance in the whole world that these links have the same anchor text with the keyword or the phrase, which you want for your web page to rank. The Google consider diversified anchor text as a quality. It is the time to diversify the links that are pointing towards web pages with the same anchor text on your site.

Webmasters, who hadn’t created natural links earlier, are now trying to get rid of those unnatural links by adapting the following link building strategies:

  • Guest blogging

  • Social link building

  • Creating RSS feeds

  • Video submissions

  • Blog commenting

  • Submissions to high quality directories.

  • Integrating a blog for your website and posting on it.

Conclusion: Google thinking is clear and simple. People will only rouse and will try to build natural links, if Google penalizes those websites which implements unnatural link building techniques. Therefore, to rank well in search engine result pages, it is important to create natural links.