On-the-Go Look at Transformers Legends

The franchise, Transformers, has been on a roll lately. There have been three highly successful blockbuster movies, a revival of the cartoon series, and the toy line is flying off of shelves everywhere. So it should come as no real surprise that the video game industry is ready to cash in on this phenomenon. One such game looking to reap the benefits of the Transformers popularity is Transformers Legends for mobile.

Transformers Legends is a card battle and collection game. Players will start the game by choosing up to four cards, and then using those cards to do battle against other players and their cards. Players will choose which faction that they wish to be a part of, the Autobots or the Decepticons. As far as card battle games go, Transformers Legends is one of the best for mobile devices. To players who are familiar with the genre, this game is most like the recent Marvel: War of Heroes. Choosing which faction to take a side with does not matter all that much because the game will allow you to complete both faction’s single player missions at the same time.

The game begins a tutorial after selecting the faction you wish to be a part of, this tutorial is led by a robot from the player’s faction. Like all tutorial levels, it teaches players the basic controls of the game. After that though, it is up to the player to figure out anything else. If a player is familiar with card collecting games, the game should feel natural. For everyone else, it may take some getting used to.

Transformers Legends is a freemium game, meaning that the base game is free, but to get better cards, players must spend real money. After a while, players find that this can get very expensive. The games in-game currency is called Mobacoins, with each 100 Mobacoins costing .99$. These coins are used to purchase everything from Energon to Battlecubes. The Energon is used for missions, while the Battlecubes are used for multiplayer. The Energon and the Battlecubes will replenish themselves after a very long time, leaving players with a frustrated experience, unless they are willing to pay extra. This can lead to a free game costing upwards of a hundred dollars if gamers find themselves lacking patience.

One missing feature that Transformers Legends needs is a way to search the entirety of the Cyberdex. The Cyberdex is an in-game index of all the cards that the player has found or bought. There is no way to search the cyberdex for an idividual card, instead players have to scroll through many pages of small thumbnail sized pictures of their cards to find the one they are looking for. What if they miss finding it the first time? Players have to start their search back over at the beginning of the Cyberdex, really unnecessary.

Overall Transformers Legends is a decent card game for the mobile devices. The graphics are shiny enough to make playing on the small screen enjoyable and the audio is not that bad and can be made better by a decent pair of headphones. Transformers Legends is developed by Mobage, and is available on iTunes and Google play.