How Celebrities Navigate Social Media Successfully

The world of social media has opened up a plethora of new opportunities for individuals, businesses and brands who wish to gain added exposure for their causes and be seen by the world. In the past, this type of advertising was limited to expensive formats such as television, newspaper and radio. As a result of this, every advertisement and campaign was carefully thought out and considered before deployment, but social media has created a world of impulses in which a few thoughts can be broadcast to the entire world in the blink of an eye. Celebrities know what it is like to have the spotlight on them consistently, and many have learned how to utilize this knowledge on social media to ensure maximum success. Below, we will discuss some strategies that celebrities use on social media to remain relevant, popular and increase their influence.

They Walk a Fine Line

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In the world of social media, even the tiniest error can result in a big controversy if it occurs at the wrong place at the wrong time. A simple typo or impulsive tweet can cause huge repercussions for a celebrity that was previously seen as controversy-free. While some rely upon controversy, most attempt to remain neutral in order to remain as appealing as possible. What are some examples of this neutrality? Most celebrities refrain from making overt political comments, religious proclamations or broad criticisms of various lifestyle choices. Even though these kinds of discussions are fairly common on the internet and among friends, it is not something that provides any real long-term benefit to brands (aka celebrities) who wish to augment their influence, sell a product or otherwise be successful on social media.

They Publish Ahead of Time

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Most celebrities do not have time to consistently tweet and post status updates, so their accounts are used in a rather intuitive way: they schedule updates in advance that will be published on or at a certain date/time. Virtually anyone can do this via social media, but celebrities are often able to utilize this more efficiently due to their intensely structured schedules that allow them to know when they will be somewhere, who will be there and so forth. Sometimes, however, this may lead to a conflict of information if plans change, but scheduled updates can always be cancelled any time before they are published. There are a number of reasons why anyone would want to take advantage of these features, but celebrities especially know that a consistent social media posting presence is vital to activity and growth.

They Promote Good Causes

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Finally, many celebrities use their social media accounts as a way to interact with fans and causes in which they share a passion. Whether it is an established charity that is being promoted or the personal story of a fan who has fallen upon bad times, many celebrities have found that emotional sharing and pleas for help can trigger a significant amount of support for their causes and an increase in activity for their social media profiles. These little actions help shape the persona and reputation of celebrities and can further augment the amount of support and attention each receives.