Natural SEO And The Modern Business

By | Jul 8, 2013

seo 200x200 Natural SEO And The Modern BusinessAnyone can pay to have their site listed high on the Google results page, but an organic SEO company can make the results seem natural, and not like a paid advertisement.

When searching for items on Google there are two types of results that come back.  In a brown or tan box at the very top are the paid advertisements.  These are companies that shell out money to have Google put their website at the top of the results page.  Sometimes this money is well spent and people will click through to the website, but other times people see those advertisements for what they are and move on to the rest of the results.  Paying for the top ranking in a Google search is expensive and should be avoided, but there are other ways to get a very high ranking that are not nearly as costly.  Organic SEO is the best way to raise the profile of your company in the Google results.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, and refers to the ways in which the major search engines index websites.  The index is what determines where a website will fall in the Google rankings and the higher a site sits, the more likely it is to attract visitors.  A website that does not attract any traffic is worthless, so anything that can drive traffic to your site is helpful.  Your company will need some kind of SEO service to raise its visibility and keyword profile online, and there are plenty of SEO services available.

What makes SEO organic?

Organic SEO is all about making the changes in the search engine rankings look natural, like it was something that just happened over time.  The website rankings are based on a number of factors, such as keyword mentions and back links to the site.  Some SEO companies will try to spam the indexers with keywords in order to trick the web crawler into artificially inflating the website’s ranking.  Most of the search engines come down hard on this kind of activity, so it is best to make sure the site ranking increases naturally.  Organic SEO growth is slow, but steady.  It provides lasting changes to the company’s website ranking and is not likely to be delisted by the search engine.

How long does it take?

Most SEO programs will take at least six months, with many of them taking at least a year or more, especially if the keyword is a very competitive phrase.  The process of creating keywords and back links to a website is long, and the organic nature of most SEO growth is very slow by its nature.  You do not want to try to hurry the process, or your website may be flagged for spam and the search engine may delist your site.  Another factor to consider is that the search engines do not index every site every day.  You will need to wait for another pass of the web crawlers to index the site before any kind of SEO changes can take effect.

Companies need SEO to stay competitive in the modern world, and organic SEO growth is the only way to go.  With a strong and steady SEO strategy in place, your company will be able to make lasting changes to your web presence.

My name is Anthonay Barret and I have worked as a sales rep for an organic SEO company for 7 years.  I have a lot of experience in figuring out what is considered ethical, what is the fine line of ethical, and what’s not ethical.  I wrote this article to inform others about orgnic SEO, so they could further their knowledge in SEO.  Thanks for reading.

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