How To Use Twitter To Monitor Your Brand

By | Apr 23, 2013

If you’re new to social media or just looking for a way to better utilize social media tools to further your business then working with Twitter can be useful. Nobody likes feeling left out of a conversation when the conversation is about you, and there is a huge conversation going on Twitter right now. Last year Twitter averaged almost 350 million tweets per day. You can bet people are probably talking about your business/brand right now and you’re potentially being left out because you don’t know how to access those tweets. Let’s learn how to join the conversation to manage your brand via Twitter.

What Are Twitter Mentions?twitter icon 296x300 How To Use Twitter To Monitor Your Brand

A Twitter mention is simply an update in a tweet which mentions a particular username. The username shows up as “@username”. These mentions are collected by Twitter and can be found in the mentions tab of your profile. This is a fairly simple way to manage what’s going on because Twitter gives you that information directly to your account. The sheer number of at @ mentions can grow to be staggeringly large when your brand is getting a lot of attention, so if you’re promoting a large-scale social media campaign then you’ll want to have a few more tools to keep things manageable. Otherwise when you get mentioned you can join the conversation by simply replying to the Tweet if you feel so inclined.

Searching Twitter

This is probably the quickest way to manage what’s taking place surrounding your brand, simply do at keyword search in Twitter. The best feature about Twitter search is it updates in real time. When you see a list of search results they are all chronological. As new tweets come through surrounding that keyword the latest tweets show up at the top of the page. Parse through the tweets and start conversations with other Twitter users who are talking about your brand. Search Twitter on a daily basis because without a search you will miss a lot of tweets referring to your company. That’s because unless they formally mentioned you with a @mention you won’t find the Tweet unless you search

Google Alerts

Google has a free service which can be configured to send alerts to your inbox when specific keywords pop up on the web called Google Alerts. You can modify a few things and have your Twitter update itself automatically with the google alerts you choose. You will also need an account with a third-party service like Twitterfeed. Here is how you do it. When you set up your Google alert have Google send it to your ‘feed’. Then copy the feed URL and paste it into your Twitterfeed. The updates will automatically be sent to your Twitter so you can monitor it, but you may want to have a separate Twitter account just to monitor your activity if you don’t want the public to see the google alerts. Not all of the alerts will be relevant or even positive for your brand, but this little strategy is a very handy trick to use Twitter to keep tabs on your brand’s buzz in real time without searching for it on your own. This pushes all the alerts you direction.


Paid Brand Monitoring

There are dozens of companies out there who offer support services for Twitter brand monitoring. Some of them are on the same level as Google alerts while other services are for superior in their sophistication. The sophisticated ones normally have analytics attached to the keyword mentions and generally make monitoring your brand a little bit more automated. These tools generally run anywhere from $20-$100 per month. Is it necessary to go down that route? Ask yourself how involved you want to be with the your brand conversation, and if using Twitter search and Google alerts to manage your brand gets out of hand you can look for additional paid resources. Otherwise if you can use twitters search feature combined with Google alerts it’s more than manageable in most cases. Good luck, Twitter is a fantastic tool to keep track of what people are saying about your business and your brand so make use of this powerful free service.

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