Why Mobile Search Is Essential For Local Businesses

By | Mar 25, 2013

Think about the last time you were out running errands and thought to yourself you needed to find a store that sold paint. If you’re part of the growing population of mobile phone searchers, you checked your phone for a store nearby that sold it. You might not have become paint store’s new customer had they not come up in mobile search. A really good example of businesses that benefit from mobile search are restaurants.  Have you ever gone out shopping and wanted to find somewhere nearby to eat?  Perhaps you were on a road trip and needed to find someplace to eat along your route. You couldn’t look it up on your personal computer. You looked it up on your phone.

app Why Mobile Search Is Essential For Local BusinessesMobile search is increasing at a rapid rate and experts are forecasting that more searches will be performed on mobile devices in the future than on desktop computers, with a huge increase anticipated by 2015. If you want your business to grow online, not only do you need a mobile website, but local search engine optimization efforts should be in place.

Even if you don’t have a mobile website, coming up in search for your brand and products in your area is the key to bringing in new business.  Having a mobile website improves your chances of being found and offers additional opportunity for your business. You will also retain visitors to your website longer if your website is mobile friendly as desktop websites can be difficult to navigate from a phone and cause visitors to get frustrated and leave.

Factors Affecting Your Visibility

Domain: One way to improve your chances of ranking, especially if you have competition in your area, is to have a local domain. For instance, if your domain contains the name of the city or town where your business is located, your business will show up in results for people in your area searching from their phones.

Reviews: Being listed on review websites such as Yelp, Google Places, etc. will impact your rankings. All of your business information must be exactly the same from one review source to another. You should encourage your customers to review your business as the number and quality of the reviews will impact your website’s ability to rank.

Business Listings: Business listing websites such as Manta.com, Yellowpages.com, etc. give you incoming links and citations from relevant business categories.

Local Associations: If you belong to your local Chamber of Commerce or association related to your business in your area, these are trustworthy links that are locally relevant, too.

Related Websites: Today, incoming links from related websites are much more valuable than links from unrelated sites.

If you take your mobile website to the next generation of SMS text marketing, you can allow customers to download apps right to their phones, let them subscribe for text message coupons and specials, etc. Text message marketing has an even high ROI than SEO.

Mobile search has opened up so many ways to reach current and new customers by bringing people who may never have tried your products or services to helping you maintain a better relationship with your current customers.

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