Marketing With Pinterest- How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Images

By | Feb 26, 2013

Pinterest is quickly revealing itself as a great way to get your site, blog or business noticed. This is especially true if you get several repins, and it’s been known to create viral posts with a minimum of effort. Of course, with so many people using Pinterest, it can be easy for your pins to get lost in the masses of images. You can maximize your exposure by following some key tips.

pinterest logo Marketing With Pinterest  How To Stand Out In A Sea Of ImagesUse your own images

Using your own images whenever possible, and make sure the file name reflects what your pin is about. An image file named “hand-carved flute” will always be better than a numbered file name. By using your own images, you’ll know that the image is unique to you and your link. If you don’t have an appropriate image of your own to use, try to make sure the image you use is the best possible one, and make sure you have the right to use it.


Use descriptions wisely

Pinterest descriptions can be up to 500 characters. Use them all, and use them wisely. Make your description keyword rich, and make it appealing to other users so they want to click through. Use the description to tell people what your pin is about and why they need to know more than you can fit in the description.

Because Pinterest allows search engines to crawl content, boards and pins can appear in search, especially if you’ve managed to create a keyword rich board. So by not making use of your description and image file name, you’re wasting an opportunity to be found by search engines! Most of your traffic will be through Pinterest, but having extra exposure is never a bad thing.


Remember, Pinterest is a social network

Engage with other users by commenting, liking, and repinning. After all, it is a social network, and not being social won’t win you any friends. People you engage with will be more likely to look at your pins, and repin them to share with their own friends and followers. Show that you really care about what you’re pinning, and make real connections with others.


Make your boards focused

Create a variety of focused topic boards. You can have many boards, and they should all have a strong focus. Make a point to title your boards with strong keywords. If you want to have a board about dinner recipes on a budget, don’t just call it food or recipes. Be specific and call it what it really is. The more specific, the better results you’re going to have drawing an interested audience.


Pin your videos

Many people don’t realize you can pin your YouTube videos to Pinterest as well. This can be a great way to get more views and to increase your Pinterest marketing. You can buy YouTube views to boost numbers and then share across Pinterest to reach even more people. People love videos and Pinterest even allows you to view them from right inside their site when you use YouTube.


Size matters

Images can be as tall as you want, but shouldn’t be so tall that it forces users to scroll down to see the whole image. It’s more appealing to keep it on one screen, so they can see the whole image. Also, pictures should be no wider than 554 pixels, so shoot for as close to that measurement as possible.

If you use text in your pictures, it should be easy to read, so avoid very small text and overly fancy fonts. Remember, if you have any trouble reading it, so will everyone else. The average internet reader wants things to be easy for them. Make it too hard for them, and they’ll move past your pin and onto one that does make it easy.


Don’t be a square

Rounding off the corners will make your image more unique, and it’s a fairly easy change to make in a good photo editing program. You’ll stand out because everyone else will have those pesky corners. Of course, you don’t have to do this for every image, but try it with some of your most important pins and see what happens.

According to Stand Out Social Marketing, “businesses that have effectively used Pinterest as a marketing tool have experienced higher referral traffic, higher quality leads, more sharing through Facebook and Twitter, and increases in sales.” You can see why using Pinterest is important to your online success as a business, and using it right will help get you noticed by more people over all of the big social networks.

Ann Matthews is a Pinterest addict and writer for Buy More Fans. She loves helping people with their social media accounts.

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