Managing Links And Anchors In Website Builder Is As Easy As Child’s Play

Links and Anchors can be easily created and managed by any website builder. From the point of view of the designer, they play a crucial role during the functional phase of a website.

While using a website builder, links and anchors are two prominent elements that you may come across. It is essential to learn how to use them and manage them in a website builder so as to construct an efficient website which is synchronous with the given specifications.

Managing a link or an anchor is not an austere task in a web builder. A few steps are to be followed and you can easily insert a hyperlink.

Inserting a Hyperlink:
  • A link is an integral part of the website and it helps you navigate through the website and connects various web pages of a website.
  • If you want to insert a hyperlink, the first thing is to get on to your account on any website builder platform.
  • Various website builders have different platforms to designs; however, the basics remain the same.
  • As you have logged in, you need to go for the design menu and select Launch Page Designer.
  • Now scrutinize the page which is supposed to be edited and also select the required block.
  • To recognize the blocks, they are exclusively outlined in blue.
  • Settle the cursor at the location where hyperlink is required to be added.
  • The text/image is to be further highlighted.
  • Next, the ‘create link’ has to be clicked.
  • Now, out of following elements, one has to be selected:
    • Email which is used for linking a particular mailing address on web
    • URL which is used for linking with a website
    • Page which is used for linking to another webpage on the same website
    • The option to open the website in a new window so that a new window opens up automatically
    • Lastly, just click the Ok button to finalize it.

How to insert and manage an Anchor in a website builder?

  • An anchor is nothing but a simple point where the designer defines the web pages which can be linked from various different points located on the very same page.
  • Anchors are largely useful whenever there is a bulk of content that has to be posted on the same page.
  • To create an anchor and add it on your website, you need to be logged in to your web builder once again. The basic steps are more or less same as that of adding a link.
  • Next, you need to click on ‘Page designer’ which is located in the Design menu.
  • A list of pages would be available and you can choose the page which you desire to edit.
  • Again, select the block you want to edit by clicking on it.
  • The blocks have a blue outline so that they can be easily recognized.
  • Next, take your cursor to the desired location and get the required text or image highlighted.
  • Click on the ‘Create Anchor’ icon.
  • In the field of ‘Anchor name’, enter the name that you want to assign to your Anchor.
  • Finally, Click OK to confirm it.

Hence, Anchors and links are not only essential for any website, they are also easy to insert and manage.