Link Baiting 101: Search Engine Optimization Technique of The New Era

By | Oct 22, 2012

pic Link Baiting 101: Search Engine Optimization Technique of The New Era

Link baiting is another popular way for you to create backlinks for your website and drive laser-targeted web traffic to your website. Some treat link baiting spammy, but before you make any further generalization, let us know what exactly is link baiting. Link baiting is the act of creating a web content that can be viral, cool, insightful, interesting and so compelling, that other web owners cannot help but discuss it and share the link. In this article, we will tell you more about the basics of link baiting and how you can benefit from it today.

Come up with your bait.

As the term bait is synonymous to the bait used in fishing, you get two birds with one stone in this process. First, you’ll get a good bite, and then enjoy the catch. But, what are the classifications of baits?

Your baits may come in the form of one or the following:

Freebies. Who does not like freebies? If you create an online contest or a free widget that people can use, they will certainly post it on their website in exchange for whatever you give out for free. So, your first step is to determine what exactly would people in your niche market like and give them it as a freebie. You will surely get hundreds or thousands of links this in this manner.

Articles or web content. Oftentimes, the bait used is a written article that carries a shocking, mind-blowing, or viral content that’s too funny, cool, or extreme. This is my preferred kind of bait to set up. It is regarded as the best means for you to obtain backlinks online. Just let your imagination flow and right about something poignant and compelling and you’ll be surprised how your article will spread like wildfire.

Do something extreme.  People are fond of interesting and out of this world stories they don’t get to hear or encounter everyday. Every time you do anything extraordinary you become someone news-worthy. People will contact you and get in touch to know more about precisely you did what you have done, etc. It’s a great opportunity for you to promote your website or publicize an offer or product. Newsmakers make more money, and so will you if you do something out of the ordinary.

Enjoy your catch.

As soon as someone takes on your bait, you are now all set to enjoy your catch. But before anything else, you must by all means create an effective bait – a viral blog post, successful giveaway event, or an outstanding activity you’ve spearheaded.

At this juncture, you have to keep on. Tweet your bait; broadcast it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Any place you deem highly-trafficked so you will get more likes, hits, etc. The more folks get to hear about your bait, the more eager they’d become in spreading the news about it as if they’ve heard it first-hand.

After you have completed all these, you are done. You will just sit back and relax and watch over the tremendous power of the World Wide Web to work on its own and get you more ‘catch’ so to speak. If you need more traffic, sales, followers, clients, and achieve your goals, then start link baiting today!


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