Why Simplicity Is Key To Digital Marketing

By | Mar 26, 2013

Advertising can be a surprisingly complex business. To an outsider, it might seem as if it’s just a matter of getting your brand name out there and waiting for customers to come flooding in – in other words, if you build it, they will come. But this isn’t necessarily the case, as countless firms have found to their cost over the years. Sure, advertising is an essential weapon in promoting your brand and making the public aware of just what you have to offer. But unless you operate in a tiny niche, the chances are there are going to be lots of other firms doing similar things to yours. And even specialist firms are now increasingly subject to global competition because of the internet.

marketing 200x200 Why Simplicity Is Key To Digital MarketingThe internet is an opportunity

Of course, businesses which come to see the internet as a threat are looking at it in completely the wrong way. The internet offers your firm the opportunity to reach out to customers all over the world – no longer are you restricted to one town, region or country. You can break into new markets with relative ease, although you’re still likely to encounter various challenges along the way. All of this means that you have to have a coherent and clear digital marketing strategy in place. There’s certainly a lot to consider as far as digital advertising is concerned. Nevertheless, the opportunities it presents are too lucrative to turn down.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is really the most important quality your digital marketing campaign needs to have. A 2011 survey from Siegel+Gale underlined the point, and found that customers valued simplicity quite highly. In fact, between 68 and 91 per cent of customers were more likely to recommend a simpler brand to relatives and acquaintances, the study found. So when you come to market your goods or services via digital media, you need to ensure that your campaign is straight to the point.

Be competitive

What you also need to remember is that you’re competing in what is likely to be a crowded marketplace. There could be thousands of competitors all trying to get at the same customers that you are. Of course you need to think of an approach to digital marketing which is distinctive and stands out from the crowd, but you should avoid being self-indulgent. There is such a thing as over-communication, and this could deter more customers than it attracts. You need to find a way of communicating the values of your brand in a concise manner, or else you run the risk of alienating potential customers.

Limited time-frame

In addition, you also need to remember that you have only a limited window to reach customers. Digital marketing needs to be eye-catching, but it also needs to be simple. There’s so much digital marketing that it’s easy for customers to become somewhat immune to its charms. Think about what you do when you browse the internet, for example. The chances are you encounter loads of different banner ads when you’re surfing the web, but how many of them do you actually pay serious attention to? The answer is probably ‘not many’. But by the same token, you should also think about the banner ads, pop-ups and so on which catch your attention for the right reasons. Look at what your competitors are doing, then think about how you can adapt it and improve upon it. This should provide you with crucial knowledge when it comes to being noticed in digital marketing.


This guest blog was contributed by Steve Willis a freelance technology blogger who enjoys promoting his own website and is keen to help you pick out an SEO Agency.

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