Keep Your Home Tidy With A Broom In One Hand And Your Mobile In The Other- These 4 Apps Tell You How!

We have learnt that cleanliness is next to godliness, however the fact is that cleanliness is next to impossible. Ask the poor home cleaner. Keeping the home sparkly clean is no mean task. This is due to the fact that no matter how big an apartment you have; you will always find yourself at a lack of storage space. Which goes ahead to create difficulty in cleaning. This is why you have self-storage units. However, the question still is, how you keep your house clean despite the limitations? With the conflagration of technology, you don’t have to look far beyond to seek the answer. Your modest mobile phone can help you with it. Get ready to have an absolutely clean house with the help of these 4 mobile apps –

Useful Cleaning Tips

Regardless of who you are, a pro or an amateur, cleaning tips are essential for everyone. Who doesn’t want to know shortcuts to get things done easier and better. Useful Cleaning tip offers just what it says. It provides the answer to every “how to” pertaining to cleaning you might have. It covers every room and every area that you might need to focus on. A very handy app to have if you want a stain free and sparkling clean household.

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Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule

One of the biggest challenges one faces when set out to clean the house, is to manage the chores. Even if you know exactly what to do and how to do it, it is of not much use if you can’t manage things well. This is where Clean Freak Schedule helps! This app breaks down the chores into bite sized tasks for everyday and makes it easier to accomplish them. You can check the task you have completed on the list and also know how far behind you are lagging.

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Eco cleaning

Living in the times that we do, it is imperative that everyone gives a thought to their contribution to the world at large. It is necessary to keep in check the carbon emission due to the routine things we do. Most of the times it is in our hands to control it. Eco cleaning is one such app that tells us where we are going wrong and how can we control our carbon footprint. It is a must have app for someone who believes in making a contribution to the world we all live in.

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One of the biggest questions that every home manager has to answer is what to keep and what to sell. While that is almost always a call of judgement, we can go ahead and suggest the things that you can do once you decide what exactly you should do with what. You can opt for a self storage nit for the things you have decided to keep and for the other things, you can use Sold. This app will help you find a buyer for the things you decide to sell. It is a highly popular app and hence can provide you a huge market.

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