IT Development And A Guide To What It Needs As Support

IT development is never really a standalone process! After all, the goal of developing IT solutions is to serve a particular end user’s requirement. Quite often, the end-user will not have knowledge about IT jargon and will not be able to express what he wants in IT terminology. Therefore, getting a client brief may be in plain English but it is up to the IT team to translate it into software language!

This entire process needs the support of many related, indirect and directly related, systems and disciplines. Here is a guide to what IT development needs by way of support systems.

User experience

This is probably the biggest criterion for IT development. At the end of the day, even the most sophisticated piece of software solution will fail if it does not deliver user friendly experience or interaction. Thus, even the most complex process of IT development must result in a simple solution that even an IT person can use.

One of the things that helps in such user experience is the design principles eschewed by human computer interaction or HCI. The use of graphics, easy drag and drop facility and non-technical language are also important to deliver high end user experience design.


This is one of the most critical areas of support to the process of IT development. Whether the size of the team is small or extraordinarily large, communication plays an important role in aspects such as:

  • ensuring that every member of the team is on the same page and in the loop because changes can be pretty rapid fire when it comes to IT development,
  • making sure that the team is constantly focused on what the customer wants and that there is absolutely no deviation from the end goal,
  • giving valuable feedback that can be used by the IT team to make improvements to their working processes and the product and
  • enhancing the coordination between a team that may even be spread out over different geographical zones.


This is an important part of the IT development process. Of course, documentation here is nothing similar to the bureaucratic way of functioning! But something known as source code documentation is an important text. This document goes along with the various computer software products that have been produced.

It is also the document which many IT developers will refer to constantly in order to know more details about a particular software solution. Furthermore, documentation can also help in tracking information and progress related to product and serve as a guide to making future changes.

Quality control

Like in the manufacturing industry, quality control is also a very big deal when it comes to IT development in Johannesburg. The methods of carrying out quality control and testing may differ from IT firm to IT firm, but the end result is to try and ensure that the products can measure up to various quality standards all across the world. For instance, one of the standards that applies to software solutions is something known as CMMI or Capable Maturity Model Integration.