Is Your Website Being Found On The Internet?

By | Mar 4, 2013

Once a person has made their website, the biggest question on their minds is where does my website rank? Is my website’s content good enough to rank at the top slots? Can my website really rank among the best? And most importantly, “is my website being found on the internet?” This question, in an elaborate form means whether or not the person’s website is being shown on the internet when another person searches for the website or the keywords that the website uses on a search engine. This also refers to whether or not the website has any rank on websites like Google Places that rank all the websites. These thoughts are very important to a person that makes a website and wants it to become popular and get known around the world.


Web developers often work alongside SEO specialists in order to design your website in a way that optimises its content for search engine optimization – increasing its chances of being found online. Similarly, if your website is incurring errors or is struggling to be found, these specialists will work together to identify the problem and rectify it. Web designers can quickly and effectively check the whole website, providing the website owner with a final report which outlines the issues and a plan of action to correct the problem. The web designers will then work on the issue and utilise all their web design skills and techniques to solve the problem of their client.

If a website is being found using search engine all over the internet and is also being ranked by services like Google Places, all is well and there is no need for elongated checkups which determine which component of the website is at fault. But, if the web designers find a problem and the website is not being shown on the internet or being ranked by Google Places, a problem has arose which the web designers have to solve in order to satisfy the client.

When the whole process is completed, the client is then showed the results by the web development agency and after the result has been approved by the website owner, the website will go live and can begin to be properly ranked by search engines. This is what web design can accomplish for a website that is not being found on the internet and how effectively web designing can solve the problem. The methods that are used to do this are above average and that is why it is not advised that a website owner attempts these methods and tasks by themselves but hires a team of web experts to do it for them.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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