IPhone 5 Believable Rumors

Taller, Thinner Display

It’s been long rumored that the size of the iPhone 5 screen will be larger than the current iPhone screens. Many suspect it will be about 4 inches diagonally compared to the existing 3.5-inch display. Meanwhile, according to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5 will tout a thinner screen, which would allow the device to be lighter in weight than ever before.

LTE Connectivity

An image of what is allegedly the logic board for the iPhone 5 popped up in August on a Chinese iPhone forum. The logic board is said to have more antenna connections than the one in the iPhone 4S, which suggests that the new iPhone could have LTE connectivity. LTE is significantly faster than existing 3G tech, and would bring the iPhone into line with the most current Android phones.

9-Pin Dock Connector

Rumors indicate that Apple will be switching its 30-pin dock connector for one with only 9 pins. This would make existing speakers and chargers useless when used with the new device. However, it’s likely that Apple will introduce an adapter that will convert it back to its original 30 pins.


There’s been a lot of back and forth about whether or not Apple will include near field communications (NFC) technology in the iPhone 5, which would enable users to swipe devices at checkout to pay for items. Although this would surely help accelerate mobile payments as a phenomenon over the next few years, the new iPhone may not have room for NFC, according to Anandtech.