Internet Marketing—Using YouTube As A Tool

By | Aug 31, 2013

internet marketing 300x225 Internet Marketing—Using YouTube As A ToolAnyone who hasn’t been living in a technological vacuum realizes that strategic internet marketing plays a huge, necessary role to enable an on-line business to become more visible and more visited.  Visits to one’s on-line site, however, don’t equate to profit until those visitors become actual consumers.

The reality is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the attention of one’s targeted audience.  Many on-line businesses are competing with larger companies with well-funded marketing departments in addition to one having to compete with social media as well as other distractions that grab the attention of prospective customers.

The bottom line is, one needs to use a variety of internet marketing strategies if one wants to see his or her conversion-optimization rates increase; and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to stand out from the crowd.  Have you considered YouTube?  By utilizing YouTube, you have, at your disposal, a potential powerhouse of a platform for marketing your business on-line.

Getting The Ball Rolling:

With more than 800 million visitors a month, YouTube still remains an untapped marketing tool for many businesses.  My Marketing Team separates itself from other marketing companies by utilizing YouTube in their campaigns.  For those who wish to leave no marketing-strategy stone unturned, however, YouTube has proven to be a very effective catalyst to help get businesses noticed and showcased.  More and more companies, are using YouTube as a marketing tool; and due to its unparalleled popularity, innovative marketers view it as a perfect opportunity to maximize exposure for their products or services.

To grab this type of promotion strategy by its tail and make it work for you at its greatest potential, marketing videos should include certain fundamental elements:

1:  a keyword-researched headline

2:  an editorial message that is clear and succinct—the adage, less is more, applies here since putting too much on a video will create impatience and drive people away

3:  a call-to-action where you encourage visitors to become actively involved and immersed, such as subscribing to your channel

The beauty of using a medium such as YouTube is the fact that expense is not an issue!  Your smartphone’s built-in camera should suffice for producing the online video.  When it comes to editing, if you’re on a Mac, for example, you probably have access to iMovie.  Other options for editing could include free on-line software or using professionals from editing sites that can work directly with you, very affordably.

Watch Your Viewer List Grow!

The goal is to enhance the popularity of your video.  Increased viewing = increased popularity = increased positioning on the YouTube homepage = increased business.  One simple way to help multiply view numbers is embedding the video link in your email signatures as well as on any and all websites you may have.

The snowball effect can be exhilarating when you see it take place:  1)  more people continue to watch your video 2)  your video moves higher with its positioning 3)  the higher the positioning, the more views your video receives   4) the more views you video generates, the higher-up your video moves, etc. etc.

YouTube—It’s Power Is 2nd To One!

You may be surprised to know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine aside from Google!  Appealing to your viewers’ senses, as much as possible, is paramount when you realize people aren’t going to YouTube just to find answers; they’re going to YouTube to observe them!  Most people are far more interested in watching the information they are seeking as opposed to just reading about it.  Though reading and watching are both visual, it’s a video’s animation, voices and enthusiasm that add an explosive dimension of realism and emotion that simple words on a page just cannot do.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then YouTube is worth a million.


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