Internet Marketing or Intimate Marketing: What’s the catch?

Internet is the only medium by which we can know about anything, we can earn or grow our knowledge
about anything from the corner of our home. Now a days most of the people of the world are familiar with
the internet. They are surfing in the internet through laptop, computers, i-pad, i-phone even in mobile
phones. At present internet cost is affordable to the general people.

People are trying to attach everything of their daily life to the internet communication. The internet
marketing sometimes we called as e-marketing or we can say online marketing and it is spreading its
popularity to the whole world. Due to the low-cost and the global bonding of the Internet now a days
the Internet Marketing concept is gaining a rapid popularity. The internet marketing is also become
popular due to its interactive nature of the Internet. And it will be more popular with the time and our next
generation. Various types of Internet Marketing are available. Some are discussed below.

· Display Advertising: Some company use their banners for product advertising to attract more traffic for
their product.

· Search Engine Marketing(SEM): Some company use their website and visibility in search in result page
by the use of search engine optimization technique.

· Social Media Marketing: Now a days social media marketing is a great platform for the beginners who
want to start their business. It is so popular because it is totally free of cost and most of the people are
connected to the social media like facebook, tweeter, orkut etc.

· Email Marketing: Through sending mail to the particular recipient we can reach for a product. It is called
direct marketing.

· Referral Marketing: The company can reach to the new customers for their business through referral.

· Video Marketing: This is the most popular way to reach to the customers need with the help of video
of a particular product. In a video the company can show a proper specification, getup of a product and
working function very easily. The product will become more attractive to the people.

Also some various approaches are there for a good internet marketing or intimate marketing. In an
intimate marketing there are soe special points, they are

· Individuality

· Nurturing

· Trustworthiness

· Interactive Involvement

· Mutual Benefit

· Advantages

· Tailored Treatment

· Entrepreneurship

Here is some points which shows how to relate to your market in a far more intimate way:

· Know yourself: Before marketing we have to properly know that what we need, our budget etc.

· Understand you are your customer and so treat them accordingly.

· Do not be afraid to be extraordinarily honest.

· When you make a mistake, admit it and clean it up.

· Express your gratitude for them frequently and powerfully.

The advantages of internet marketing are that one to one marketing to the customer. A customer can
see the full specification of a product in internet before buying it, so it is very helpful to the customer who
wants to buy the product. But the internet marketing also have some disadvantages. Mainly the fault
occurs in online transactions.