How to increase brand reputation through social media in 2014

By | Jan 2, 2014

social commerce 222x300 How to increase brand reputation through social media in 2014Choosing the right kind of social media marketing technique is vital for the year 2014. This is due to all the newer and advance businesses looking for ways to take a business’ spot in the search engine ranking system. In other words, the higher a business’ website ranks on a search engines the more visitors the business’ website gets which means increased sales. So how do we know which social media websites are best for increasing brand reputation? Good question and that question can be easily answered by thinking about how popular a social media website is. In this article there will be a list of popular social media marketing techniques for the year 2014.

Interactive videos

During the end of 2013, the demand of interactive videos has increase. In other words, the use of interactive videos will become a trending way of promoting a brand while at the same time answering clients’ or customers’ questions about a certain topic or item rapidly yet efficiently. Many believe that the use of interactive videos in 2014 will allow companies the upper hand on grabbing the attention of future clients or customers swiftly. While this is one that will become commonly used amongbusinesses, both for profit and non-profit, many predict that the use of many social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter will be second hand tools for traffic.

Build your own network

In 2014, building your own network is going to be a must rather your company is for profit or nonprofit. The use of your own network enables you to have a list of your clientele’s phone numbers, mailing addresses, and so much more. For now social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offers marketers access to such information only if they are paying marketers. However, when social media marketers discover they can obtain this information through the use of their own network, social media websites will become a thing of the past.

Paid social will become a requirement for social marketers

Even though building your own network will force the popularity of social media websites to plummet, doesn’t mean businesses aren’t going to utilize them to the best of their ability. When it comes to social marketing and the use of social media websites, paid marketing is going to be mandatory especially for those who are looking to have access to special feature that will help with attracting visitors and gaining profits. With that being said this will soon decrease the organic marketing benefits of social media and will force marketers to work harder and gain full knowledge about utilizing paid social marketing sites.

This is a warning, if you are living in the marketing world, it is vital not to ignore paid social media because with the increase in demand for the usage your competitor will always have the upper hand of gaining profits and continuous clientele.

Pay to play

When in the mist of marketing, you know how it important it is to get your work across millions through the use of a catchy ad. While social networking websites like Facebook, which recently changed is algorithm which hurt organic reach for millions of websites, and Google+, which introduced ads, these site will make it difficult for marketers to get consumers attention forcing them to “pay to play” for the visibility they need to attract consumers. While this will hurt many the most effect companies will be the small business due to the fewer resources they possess.

Blogging to attract visitors

Blogging has become a popular way to increase visitors and sales for non-profit, profit, small and large companies. While major social media websites are focusing on ways to drop organic search results for business you still have a chance at drawing in the best organic search needed for your website which through creating fresh yet unique content for you website on a regular basis. According to many, this will become the #1 choice, if not the only choice, to gain visibility through organic search. Rather you may know it or not, blogging helps webmasters gain benefits in many ways.

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