Tips To Improve Your Link Building

By | Mar 26, 2013

With regards to SEO, links are very important. A lot of website owners do not know how to run a proper link building campaign. In reality, a properly run link acquisition campaign will help propel a website to the top of the search engines. Here are a few tips to help a webmaster improve his or her link building.

In the past, many website owners overused anchor text, and for good reason. Previously, one could use the same anchor text for thousands of links. When doing this, a website would propel to the top of the search results. Since then, the search engines have caught on and begun penalizing sites that were trying to game the system. This has forced webmasters to find alternative ways to build safe, quality links.

Guest Postinglink building 200x200 Tips To Improve Your Link Building

Guest posting on other blogs is a great way for a website to attain great links. When posting on other blogs, a website owner will get a value contextual link. A contextual link is a link with an anchor text inside of the keyword. Contextual links are highly valued by the search engine and tremendously help a website gain in the rankings. Of course, all quality links are valuable in the eyes of search engines.

Follow vs. No Follow

A lot of webmasters worry too much about follow versus no follow links. In reality, a blogger should not worry too much about this. Remember, a linking building campaign must appear natural, so having too many no follow links will appear suspicious to the search engines. In reality, a natural link building campaign would future links that were both no follow and do follow.

Social Media

Social media is important for a lot of reasons. With social media, a website owner can land a lot of traffic. Not only that, social media is great for SEO results. It is crucial that a blogger actively participate in social media marketing. Remember, it is vital that a website owner have links from multiple social media sources.

Natural Link Building

As mentioned earlier, the link building of a website must appear natural. For this reason, it is necessary that a business owner build links to all of the website pages. In 2012, a lot of websites were punished because they only had links leading to the front page. A natural looking campaign needs to have links pointing to all the pages of a website.


A website owner must watch their campaigns. There are multiple tools available for a website owner to track their links. When tracking links, a website owner can see where links are coming from and what anchor text is being used.
Many website owners are tempted to heavily use a certain keyword for links. In 2013, when site owners were using the same anchor text over and over, they were punished. A link building campaign should look natural. This is why buying links is often a bad idea. Many website owners were caught red handed purchasing links to their site. When a website owner is caught buying links, their site will quickly drop in the search engine rankings.
A blogger must take their link building campaign seriously. When done correctly, a blogger or business owner will gain a solid amount of long term organic traffic that drives ready to spend customers to their site.

This post was written by Brian S., article writer and SEO consultant at Rank Executives. In the world of search engine optimization, high quality SEO packages are vital for the success of your website.

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