Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales Online

Put your hand up if you’re not a fan of low website conversion rates and need to increase sales online today.

Now keep your hand up if you’ve ever impulsively purchased a product online you didn’t set out to buy that day and wondered what was it that made you feel it was so urgent to buy the product right away.
That’s what I thought…

It’s no secret to those who are successful in selling products and services online that there is a formula and method to creating a sense of urgency that turns normal web visitors into eager buying customers day after day like a well-oiled machine.

That not-so-secret method is through the use of high converting sales pages within a Sales Funnel.

improve web page conversion Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales OnlineHow to Improve Website Conversions

Taking a Website from Hero to Zero Fast

The most effective method of converting web visitors to paying customers is through the “Sales Funnel” system.

The Sales Funnel is a method of attracting leads, qualifying them to become prospects and converting them into paying customers. Not only do they become buying customers, but within a sales funnel they buy over and over..even sometimes referring and introducing new prospects to your sales funnel system for exponential growth.

In order to quickly gain an informed perception of a sales funnel ability to improve web page conversions, increase sales online and generate thousands of dollars in sales systematically you should refer to the diagram at the link below on our site that visually demonstrates the efficacy of the sales funnel system.

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Increase Sales Online with Sales Pages

Identifying Different Kinds of Sales Pages

We already know at this point that an effective Sales Page is essential to create a conversion, but what type of conversion are we trying to achieve? Is your goal to announce a brand new product coming to market or to sell a pre-existing service? Do you want to simply capture a name and email address or will the customer make a credit card purchase onsite? Depending upon your sales strategy you will need to know what each type of Sales Page does most effectively and then begin to create these pages within your sales funnel.

Below are the 3 main types of sales pages:


Sales Pages

what is a sales page Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales OnlineA traditional Sales Page is one where the sale actually occurs. It can sell anything from a new product launch, a pre-existing product, a service, or whatever you may be offering. It usually involves a purchase made at the point-of-sale, but it can also offer something for free. If you need to increase web conversion rates today, then you will need to abandon the old method of relying on your website’s homepage and focus more on targeted Sales Pages. Find our more about how you can do this with Sales Pages at the link below.

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Landing Pages

what is a landing page 150x150 Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales OnlineA Landing Page is where the prospect lands when they enter your site, not the homepage and not necessarily the Sales Page. It must immediately grab the visitors attention to convert them into a prospect. A sale can occur on a landing page or a Landing Page can lead to a Sales Page where the once-visitor is now a warm-prospect. If this sounds like the type of page that fits within your current strategy then read further at the link below.

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Squeeze Pages

why use a squeeze page 150x150 Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales OnlineA Squeeze Page, sometimes referred to as an Opt-In Page or Lead Capture Page, is the most powerful form of all sales pages (hence give the nickname “Power Pages”). Squeeze Pages are currently the most popular method to improve website conversions and increase sales online within a true Sales Funnel system. If you desperately need to see dramatic increases in your web site conversion rates then you should explore implementing Squeeze Pages into your Sales Funnel strategy by reading more about them at the link below.

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Web Conversion Rates: Squeeze Pages vs Sales Pages

While we are on the topic of how powerful Squeeze Pages can be, let’s explore how much more effective they are in terms of generating large streams of passive income when compared to the normal web conversion rates of a traditional sales page with no lead-in page strategy employed.

The table below measures a Squeeze Page within a Sales Funnel system that collects a lead to later be sold a product as a “list member” vs landing a cold visitor directly on a Sales Page (figures may vary depending upon the business and product-type)

Traditional Sales Page
Squeeze Page
Good Conversion Rate (cold)
Good Conversion Rate (warm)
Average Monthly Sales Equivalent

As you can see there is a tremendous difference in the website conversion rates between these two pages and for good reason.

evolution of squeeze page 300x166 Improve Website Conversions and Increase Sales OnlineThe Squeeze Page is the more evolved form of the traditional Sales Page and is designed to create an impulsive buying feeling right before your prospects become your customers for life. There are also times when a traditional Sales Page is better suited for the job and no Squeeze Page is necessary. Certain products and services can be sold more straightforward out of the customers “need” for the product and not their “want” to have something they currently do not have.Either way you should look into the themes for WordPress that are most effective in creating both high-converting Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages so that your web conversions skyrocket and your online sales increase permanently. We pit the best software on the market for creating Sales Pages against one another so that you can decide for yourself which is best for your needs. You can see a side-by-side comparison at the link below.See » Best Video Squeeze Page Themes


Sales Page Strategy

Checklist to Ensure Your Sales Pages Will Convert

1. Are the titles, headlines and highlighted text bold and attention grabbing to keep the visitor’s attention.

Remove all of the text on your Sales Page only leaving the titles, headlines and highlighted text. Your visitors should instantly be able to understand the product and it’s benefits just by glancing at the page’s headlines and highlighted text as described. The underlying value of the product and justification of it’s price point will be instantly communicated through the use of cohesive text.


2. Does the sales text effectively explain the product benefits the buyer will receive?

Now ignore the titles, headlines and highlighted text. The sales copy should be just as cohesive in thoroughly describing the product benefits without focusing on product features.

Example of a feature-focused description:

“This WordPress SEO Plugin can do XYZ, and optimize your posts and pages really fast!.”

This sounds really nice, but it doesn’t explain the benefit of optimizing your posts and pages really fast.

Example of a benefit-focused description:

“This WordPress SEO Plugin can do XYZ, so you can focus more and creating quality content that ranks high in the search engines.”

This sounds more beneficial to you as a WordPress site owner because the sales text identifies with your needs as a content creator who doesn’t need a dual-role of an SEO expert to consume all of your time and energy. The sales text should speak to your customer’s sensibilities as a someone who is need of your product or service in a straightforward manner.


3. Does the Sales Page content create a sense of trust?

Is really doesn’t matter how well established you, the vendor, are as a product or service provider…if you are unable to create rapport and establish a sense of trust then you are going to find it challenging to convert visitors to customers. The following items can quickly establish trust with your prospects.

  • Testimonials from prior customers who have had success with your product
  • Money-back guarantees if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase
  • A promise to deliver world-class customer support if the customer has a problem with their purchase
  • Free or discounted future upgrades on their product (where applicable)
  • Free gifts, bonuses, discounts for the referral of family and friends


4. Does your Sales Page create a sense of urgency?

If you have all the previously mentioned items in place, then an important component to converting early and often is by explicitly telling the prospect why they need to purchase the product right now.

Failing to create a sense of urgency may result in the prospect escaping your sales funnel and failing to convert into a customer. They will likely find a more convincing product to purchase so make sure this item is firmly in place.


5. Are you using video?

If you’re not using video then you are at a serious disadvantage against your competitors. Video has a way through sight, sound, motion and emotion to engage readers at a deeper level than what ordinary text and pictures can. If you are not good at creating video there are several ways you can outsource your video content creation. If you haven’t used it before, then  through video you can improve conversions and increase sales online exponentially.

Are you ready to find out the best way to create high converting sales pages? Read more at the link below which shows a side-by-side comparison of the best Video Squeeze Page Themes for Worpdress.